April has had an upgrade!

Furiends my baby sister is now much bigger than I am! Remember when she was a tiny ball of fluff?


Well, since then she’s grown into a lanky teenager and she started to look like she’d outgrown her crate… so she’s had a big upgrade!


She loves the new crate! She can roll around in it and stretch out. She’s only in it when we all go to sleep and very occasionally if the humans pop out to run errands. It’s not only safer for the house, but also for April because she still likes to chew and eat everything she can get her mouth around!


She’s a happy puppy!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. April’s new shelter, looks very comfy, I’m sure she likes the feeling of security that it gives her!

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  2. I hope she doesn’t consider you something to chew on!

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  3. April’s new cage looks awesome!

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  4. Crate training is always a good idea!

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  5. Nice quarters for April; “watch” break for YOU, dear fellow! Pat

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  6. Aprils bed looks great i’m sure she loves it in there and a sure way of not getting any Bailey scratches


  7. But, she’s giving someone the look of “what am I doing in here now?” 🙂

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  8. The Swiss Cats says:

    The new cage is pawsome ! Purrs

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  9. Wow! she has grown so much!!! Nice cage!!

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  10. She’s so gorgeous too!!

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  11. That crate is a mansion! Great wiggle room.

    Love and licks,

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  12. mitzithedog says:

    I have a feeling they will be buying another size bigger before she is done growing. I am glad to hear that April doesn’t have to spend all day in a crate. Some people keep their dogs in crates while they are at work. That’s like locking a human in a room the size of a bathroom all day. Though it seems some humans spend a lot of time there they wouldn’t want to be MADE to stay there . That is why I had my human start a doggy daycare. We watch dogs while people work and then when their humans come for them they go home and sit on the couch together and cuddle because the dog is tired too. It’s like they both went to work.

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  13. April’s new crate looks spacious, it matches her colors, and she appears very satisfied! You’ve been so patient, Bailey. 🙂

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