April and I had our first big fight… Guess who won?

April and I got into our biggest fight to date today… Over my catch of the day! I had waited for ages for a baby lizard to leave the security of his shelter and when he did I pounced! I got his tail and I was just about to enjoy the fruits of my labour when my baby sister barged in and tried to steal it!


I was not at all amused! The argument got quite heated, but when April jumped on me I had no choice but to teach her a lesson. I swiped several times until I felt the sweet catisfaction of drawing blood…

April's scratched nose

Mum came running because of all of the commotion and can you believe it she took away my lizard to stop the fight!

I wouldn’t normally advocate violence but it was only a scratch (you can barely see it beside the black bit on her nose) and April needs to start respecting me more now that she’s five months old. I refuse to treat her like a baby when she tries to steal what’s mine!

Proud that I won!

Mum is insisting that we have to play nicely and she said that since I’m older, I should know better and be sympathetic because April is in a lot of pain with her teething. I think now, April will know better too so we’ll all be happy!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Good boy, Bailey! ❤️👍🏻

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  2. Good job Bailey, she is old enough to know better now.

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  3. The training continues! She’ll remember THAT lesson I bet!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  4. portapatetcormagis says:

    I fully understand that you’ve taken umbrage at both the dog’s and the humans’ behaviours. How can they treat you like this!

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  5. Good job, Bailey! Train her the way she should go…respecting what is yours! Love Sweet Pea!

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  6. That lizard must’ve been quite the prize, B. What a bummer that your mom took it after you hunted it for so long. April learned an important lesson about you today.

    Love and licks,

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  7. mitzithedog says:

    dogs like to play by taking things from each other and having the other dog chase them for it. She saw that you were having fun with the lizard and wanted to join in. Sometimes we will even stop and let the other dog catch up before we run off with the prize. Be careful not to swipe her eyes with you paws.

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  8. Uh oh! We hope that’s the last fight you two have.

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  9. Oh dear! Sisters and brothers often fight, April will learn, and you will have to be careful of her eyes, hope mom keeps your manicures up, Montyx

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  10. Train her now, Bailey – otherwise she’ll run roughshod over you when she gets bigger!!!

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  11. I have to agree with your mom, Bailey, Even though April looks big, she is still a baby. Try to be kind and teach her without drawing blood. Purrs my friend, from Pete and the Girls

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  12. Dear Bailey, Disappointing to lose your prey, but a good lesson for both you AND April! She must respect your turf and you must respect her youthful indiscretions!! Pat

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  13. Well, Bailey, playing nicely is one thing – but April was horning in on your catch! That’s not a play thing, it’s an instinctual thing, and you were just trying to protect what was rightfully yours! I hope she’s learned her lesson, and stays away next time you catch something.

    P.S. If the tables were turned, you DO know you should do the same, right?

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  14. April has now learned not to try to take the spoils away from you!

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  15. Well, sisters and brothers do fight on occasion. And, this was one of those occasions.

    Besides, you gotta protect what you find. This summer, we found two garter snakes, grasshoppers and crickets and brought them inside to play with. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to keep the snakes. 🙂


  16. Youngsters do need to be taught manners, and it is important for dogs to learn as soon as possible that cats rule.



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