Summer storms

There are huge storms here this evening. I love listening to them when we are safely tied to land. Dad loves storms wherever we are, although of course, we try not to be caught out in the middle of them in the boat. There’s something so pawesome about huge summer storms, it means everything will cool down nicely for tomorrow which is great too!

Storm clouds

What’s the weather like where you are?

Bisous, Bailey


  1. We like a storm when we’re safe and sound inside, too. It’s just hot and sticky around here every day.

    Love and licks,


  2. We are just starting our afternoon Thunderstorms. It is 98 degrees now, and will probably be 80 when the storms pass through around 6:00 PM. The Storms cool it off but the thunder can be scary!


  3. Jill Clark says:

    Summer in Florida means showers just about every afternoon but they really don’t seem to cool us down. My cats go out on the lanai only in the early morning or later evening.
    Missed your daily blog. I feel like I really know you.


  4. we are finally getting rain but no storms! Be safe!


  5. Here in Poitiers, France it was super hot today, the hottest day of the year I think. 35 degrees in the shade, wow!


  6. Just beautiful, here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Vancouver Island).
    23, going to 30 by the weekend! Love basking in the sun! Montyx


  7. mitzithedog says:

    My human is afraid of storms. Before I was alive she had lost her home to a tornado in Texas. High winds make her nervous. I try to calm her down though. It’s one of my many jobs around here.


  8. We are in Michigan, where it’s humid and stormy, Bailey. 81 degrees F, 27 degrees C


  9. We have had a lot of sun this Summer and that is unusual for us.
    We had rain Sunday and will have more Wednesday,then back to sun.
    While we like the sun, the earth could use way more rain.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    in Nova Scotia,Canada


  10. We’re glad you were in dock when the storms hit, Bailey. We had lots of rain last night.


  11. Bailey, it’s raining lots here in Natchez, Mississippi. And major flooding south of us in Louisiana. It’s very bad down there. My house is in higher ground so we don’t flood, but the ground gets soft and trees fall.
    Please get to a safe place if you get in the storm.
    Stay safe, Daisy


  12. Ugh! Storms are fun to watch, and you guys need to stay safe! XXOO!!


  13. We, too, are having storms, and it is cooling things off finally! We’re trying to view the Perseids without much luck. You? Pat



  14. It’s too hot and dry here! We need some storms!


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