We’re on the road again…

We’re on our way back down to Rome and our beloved Nocturne. We’ve just stopped at the services and as usual I gathered quite the crowd around the car!

Parcel Shelf

The humans and April went inside for some dinner and I had some time to chill out and lounge on the parcel shelf.

The lobsters are guarding the house with the help of our human furiends, so I’m a very happy boat cat at the moment. Wishing you all a purrfect week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. of course everyone would stop and admire how handsome you are. Glad you were enjoying your relaxing time in the car. Have a safe trip.


  2. Bailey boat cat my human friend likes reading your blog to me. I don’t go out side as we live in a flat. But I have a good life. Looking forward to hearing your next blog.
    Zen the black cat.


  3. Have a wonderful sail!Montyx


    • KARREN EWING says:

      Well of course everyone wants to see the kitty! Who wanted to follow the dog inside when they can talk with the cat who will ignore everyone of them and they will still call him adorable. LOL


  4. BrigitteB says:

    Bailey, you are the star attraction!


  5. Have a safe trip back to Nocturne, Bailey.


  6. Have a safe and pawesome time!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody


  7. mitzithedog says:

    Yes I too k ow how it is to gather a crowd around to look at you. with your big blue eyes and chocolate points I bet the humans really swoon.


  8. YAY!! Happy voyage Bailey!


  9. Have fun, Bailey!


  10. Bailey, hopefully the windows were open. You should have had a few copies of your book handy! We’ll look forward to your dispatches!! Pat



  11. BrigitteMB says:

    Bailey, you will always be the star attraction wherever you go! Brigitte


  12. We think if April could go inside, you should be able to!


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