I got to see my dear furiend Pat today!

I’ve had a wonderful day today. I spent some time in the garden, I took several cat naps, I played with my toys AND I got to see my dear furiend Pat on Skype!

It was pawesome!

I even got to see Maggie!


Felix was napping I think. It was so lovely to be able to chat to Pat and even with the distance and the time difference, it felt like we were all together!

New toys from Pat

Pat’s been so generous to April and I and it was really special to be able to thank her in purrson. I love connecting with all of you dear furiends! Thank you for making me smile Pat!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. always nice to connect with good friends. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? glad you had time to visit.

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  2. Fantastic Bailey. I see some of my friends on Skype too. I think it’s marvelous.


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  3. The internet can do some very good things for us like keeping friends close even though they may be far away! I just love Maggie and Felix!

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  4. Bailey, you need a bowl too. Looks like a great place for a nap.

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  5. That is wonderful! Pat is very sweet and my Sammy is sweet in Maggie, they see each other cat Cat Scouts 🙂

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  6. Very sweet post. Maggie looks as if she is having a great nap. Please forgive us for being absent. With Mauricio and Allie’s wedding, Mom has been so super busy, then there’s Fiona;s CKD. We are going to read backwards a bit to catch up. Sending love to you, April, the lobsters, Mom Lou and Dad James from our mom and all the Kitties Blue.

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  7. Pat is a special friend, and Maggie is adorable! Montyx

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  8. Such sweetness!! ❤️

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  9. Skype visits are fun! Maybe I should do some.

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  10. Aw, Bailey, you’re making me blush! We loved skyping and meeting you, April and your mum up close and purrsonal! We will do it again soon! Pat


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  11. meeting friends, even when they are far away is so much fun, and we appreciate it when we talk to friends!

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  12. Bootiful Boat Cat,

    This is your elected Purrime Ministerettes. We hope you has fun. Did you catch fishies?

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  13. msphoebecat says:

    We are so jealous Bailey! How wonderful to get to visit with you via Skype, technology has its benefits. You deserve all the love of friends you have.

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