Very lucky to have such pawesome furiends!

Furiends I’m so overwhelmed with how generous our dear friend Pat from the Museum of Maritime Pets is. These are all the other goodies that she sent us all the way across the pond… On top of what I’ve already shown you! There’s a beautiful nautical collar and a lead for April, but at the moment I don’t trust her with them because she’s already bitten straight through two leads. Im worried that she thinks she’s a crocodile not a border collie! Pat’s lead is far too beautiful for her to chew, so I’m holding onto it until she can be trusted a bit more.


There’s also some napkins that are too pretty to use and the coolest part are the necklaces that the humans think are to put money or small precious things in, but they are obviously to store my treats in safely!


We’re all so lucky to have a furiend like Pat and even April at 16 weeks old, who doesn’t understand not to bark AT me, really appreciates how lucky we are to have such pawesome furiends.


I’m so grateful for each and evfurryone of you. Thank you all for being my furiend and a special thank you to Pat for our pawesome gifts.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. what wonderful things, Pat is a great friend to send all those things for you and April to play with. That lead is TOO pretty to have April chew up so keep it safe.

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  2. Amazing bling, B. Friends are the BEST!

    Love and licks,

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  3. I am glad you got such lovely things. Hmm maybe you re right that April does not get her lovely harness yet!

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  4. Very nice friends, good thing you can help supervisE your sister. Good bro. Montyx

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  5. It is like Christmas in July 🙂

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  6. What great gifts! How generous of Miss Pat.

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  7. mitzithedog says:

    Puppies need to chew as their teeth are growing and puppy teeth fall out and big fog teeth take over. Pressed rawhide is best because dogs can only gnaw on it and not chew big chunks off that can get caught in their throats.

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  8. Oh, Bailey, good for you keeping a watch on “Miss Chewy!” It’s OK for her to chew her toys, but not the lead!!

    The “necklaces” are indeed for your special treats!! They float, so you’ll always be able to find them. The dolphin also floats, and he’s just for YOU, dear buddy!! He’d probably like to make furiends with Sharkie and Blue!!

    Enjoy your weekend! Pat


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  9. These are really lovely gifts, Bailey – you are smart to hang onto the lead until April grows up a little!

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  10. The Swiss Cats says:

    Those are pawsome presents ! Purrs

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  11. April needs a lot of puppy toys she can chew on! Good idea to save her lovely collar and leash until she’s older. Such nice presents from Miss Pat 🙂


  12. Beautiful gifts, Bailey. Wishing you, April and your family a wonderful day!


  13. Look at all those goodies!


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