Thank you so much Pat!

Furiends I’m so lucky to have such pawesome furiends, but especially lucky to have my dear furiend Pat! The women behind The Museum of Maritime Pets. She sent April a parcel of really lovely things to welcome her and of course she didn’t leave me out either.

New toys from Pat


Fun with pet lobster

Tomorrow I’ll show you April with all of her new goodies. Pat even sent my humans some treats. Thank you so much Pat. I really hope you can come and stay with us one day. I absolutely love the sound my toys make and I’m looking forward to wearing my bandana.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. pilch92 says:

    Pat is a sweet lady. Those are great toys.

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  2. portapatetcormagis says:

    The toys must have been great. You look thoroughly exhausted 🙂 Great work-out, eh!

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  3. Wow, lucky you, lots of new fun things and you look like you were having a fine old time with them.

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  4. that was so nice of her!! Just be sure to keep yours safe away from April! Woofies like to try and eat our toys!!! That would make April quite sick! xoxo

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  5. mitzithedog says:

    What a nice lady. You sure have some great furriends

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  6. ROFL Pat hit the jackpot with your treats TOO RIGHT!!!!

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  7. @ashleighsmeow says:

    You are a cat Bailey!

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  8. Fabulous! Montyx

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  9. WOW! Those are quite the toys Bailey.
    WE can see you will be having lots of fun with them 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  10. Dear Bailey, Loved the pix, but the last one looks menacing! By the way, how are Bisque and Thermidore, speaking of lobsters? Pat


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  11. That was so nice of Pat!

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  12. How pawsome! We would love to see you in your bandana. Did April get one, too?

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