We’re in Palmarola!

Today we sailed from Rome to Ponza and it was purrfect. We had a steady breeze and so we were able to turn the engine off for most of our journey!

April had fun in the cockpit.

April in the cockpit

She also had a little sleep but I’m the master of cat naps and I spent the day like this!


I hope you’re all having a lovely day too.

Bisous, Bailey

P.S This post was supposed to be posted on Tuesday, but as I was about to post it we lost the internet signal for two days! Now we’re in Ponza but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow!


  1. Happy sailing again captain! Have a wonderful time, Montyx


  2. msphoebecat says:

    Have fun Captain Bailey, keep up the great work training your First Mate April!


  3. Oh Bailey – you and April both look like you’re loving being back out on the sea in Nocturne………….breezes and a gentle rock – what’s better than that?! Enjoy!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  4. It looks like April really enjoyed herself!


  5. I wish I was there!!!


  6. April is smiling and you are snoozing! Looks like everyone had a great time.


  7. What a fun time for you and April!


  8. mitzithedog says:

    Now you can take longer naps with April to stand watch


  9. April’s smile says it all!

    Love and licks,


  10. BAILEY! I don’t know if you and April have divided up the watches, but it appears to us, dear buddy, that she’s on duty and you’re not!! Pat



  11. Steady as she goes…April’s got it all under control! Dreaming of flying fish, Bailey? 😉


  12. She is so cute. I can’t stand it.


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