I love puzzles, thank you Fuel Guard!

Furiends I’m so excited, today we’re figuring out where to purrlace the Fuel Guard system in Nocturne.

Here’s the kit we received from Fuel Guard. There’s lots of bits and once we’ve combined them with our on-board spares, we should have everything we need…

Fuel Guard Elements

All the pieces remind me of a puzzle!

Fuel Guard Parts

Our fuel system is located below the floor. There’s not a lot of room, so the giant jigsaw puzzle has begun!

Fuel system below the floor

We’re installing the Fuel Guard on a test rig with a small pump, to see how well it polishes our diesel, before it’s installed purr-manently.


We’re so excited to have this famous, award winning filter integrated into our fuel system. It means we can save money on costly fuel filters and be confident that we won’t be getting any more of the dreaded diesel bug!

If like me initially, you’re not exactly sure how it works, you can watch this pawesome video here which shows you just how effective the Fuel Guard really is!

I’ll keep you all updated as we complete the installation process. Thank you so much Fuel Guard for sponsoring us!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. That’s a puzzle I wouldn’t be able to solve!!

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  2. That is SO impressive. I am sure I would use Fuel Guard if I was sailing!!

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  3. mitzithedog says:

    It’s good your dad is handy with those thing My mom would be lost

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  4. Bailey,, We are sure that you are advising your dad on the best way to test and install the new system. Best of luck with it! Good that another crew member will be helping shortly. Pat


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  5. How awesome to have these guys sponsoring you, Bailey!

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