Testing out Puppy Prison

Well furiends I couldn’t resist – I just had to test out Puppy Prison!

Puppy Prison

I didn’t mind it, but I can’t imagine having to sleep in there at night like April will. It’s for the best though, I need my cat naps and alone time while the humans sleep. With April in the crate I’ll be free to roam around in peace!

Bailey in the crate

Now I know what it must feel like for my lobsters. I thought Bisque was just being furiendly, but maybe she’s crying ‘Help! Let me out!


Bisous, Bailey


  1. Puppy Prison, lol!!


  2. Are you sure you’re not going to sit just out of paws reach while poor April is in prison just to torment her? No? Well, I would! But then I’m not as grown-up as you are Bailey!!! All’s fur in love and war! Love, Toby


  3. I thought for a minute Bailey that you had been caught doing something naughty and mum or dad had locked you up. But I understand know everything must be tried out before Miss April comes.


  4. Aren’t you glad it is not yours, you will be able to roam in peace! Montyx


  5. HEHEHE!!! April isn’t just gonna sleep there, she is gonna take MANY “time outs” there…trust me!!! I know!! Tell Mom and Dad not to feed her there…….when we crate-trained Dakota we learned that the crate should be no bigger than the space they need to turn around and go to sleep. Also, they might want to move the toys OUT when they go to bed……if she is a chewer, she will eat them up overnight and there could be HUGE problems!!!


  6. well you give it a good test. I think you’ll find that puppy prison works well for both of you. Plus you always have your cat tree as an escape route. Hope you find a way to be great friends. I have to say I worry a little bit about the two of you when you get back on the boat. If you get to chasing & frolicking, be safe so no one goes overboard.


  7. For some reason, Bailey, dogs like being in cages like that. We don’t understand it either.


  8. mitzithedog says:

    It won’t be long before that prison is too small. Tell your humans if they need to give her something for chewing/teething that they should use PRESSED rawhide bones. The other rawhide products chew off in chunks and dogs can swallow a big piece and have problems.


  9. Dear Bailey, Somehow, you don’t look too happy in April’s crate! She’ll be happy as a clam in it.

    Bisque does look as if she wants to come out and play with you! Do she and Thermidore ever come out? I’ll bet you three would have lots of fun!! Pat



  10. Back when the old dog who used to live here was a puppy (she passed away last year), my human’s boyfriend tried crate training her, but she kicked up such a fuss that he wussed out. She was a sweet dog, but SO spoiled and untrained. I’m kind of glad I got to live with her when she was older and not so problematic.


  11. Puppy prison is very good. Everyone will sleep better 🙂


  12. April will love her dog jail. We doggies like den enclosures. That’s how we roll.

    Love and licks,


  13. That definitely looks like a plea from Bisque for you to grant her her freedom. Puppy prison looks pretty small. We don’t think April will be staying in there for very long. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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