The humans are on the way back… Time to hide the nip!

High on Nip


  1. Busted and looking quite guilty. Your pet sitters need to vacuum and you need to get your innocent face on before your pawrents arrive!

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  2. Marlee says:

    Oh oh! Better tidy up! Montyx


  3. mitzithedog says:

    You DO look spacey when you are nipping. Does it work on dogs?


  4. It looks like some kitty needs to pull out the vacuum!


  5. Hehehe what a cute pigture! Maybe you need to hide the nip under the rug?!



  6. Maybe it would be a good idea to work on some aloof indifference on their return, followed by a gracious forgiveness … ?


  7. Oh dear!
    You don’t want them to know you’ve been doing nip while they were away 😉

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  8. Uh oh! It’s gonna be hard to clean that up!


  9. You’re looking a little cross-eyed from all that nip!!


  10. No Bailey, don’t hide it, celebrate it and use it to your advantage in case you….. Pat


  11. OMG Bailey – you’ve got that spaced out look and your paws are coveted with stuff😀


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