Sea breeze sniff!

Housewarming presents!

I’m very lucky to have received two pawesome housewarming presents! The humans ordered me a cat tree online and it arrived today! It’s tall enough for me to climb and look down on evfurryone! I absolutely love it! It’s great fun jumping on and off it! I’ve really missed climbing all over the boat and […]

Preventing history repeating itself!

Those of you that have followed my adventures for a long time might remember how I ruined a sofa when I lived in Nice. I was in so much trouble I couldn’t imagine a time that I wouldn’t be in trouble again! Well I’ve never touched anything with my claws on the boat (there’s a […]

Please pray for Nemo!

My cousin Nemo is PAWESOME and loved by everyone in the family and everyone that meets him. He’s one of those cats that loves to cuddle humans ALL the time. He just can’t get enough and he’s the loveliest cat to all the other animals too. Tomorrow he’s going in for surgery to remove a […]

Caturday Catnip Confession!

Furiends I have a confession to make… I’ve been up to mischief all week and I didn’t have a chance to interview anyone for Caturday Connections… then there’s the other more serious confession of what I did last night… Dad left a plastic bag of nip on the worktop side and I couldn’t resist. I […]

Fuel Guard saves us from diesel bug FOREVER!

Remember I told you that I had pawesome news to announce this week? Well furiends today is the day! I have the upmost purrleasure to announce that after seeing our troubles with diesel bug last summer the PAWESOME company Fuel Guard have offered to sponsor us and provide us with one of their Fuel Guard […]

Judith Kerr is a pawesome lady!

Today mum went to see the lovely Judith Kerr talk about her life and her work. She’s the well loved author of the bestselling children’s books The tiger who came to tea and Mog the forgetful cat aswell as many many more. At 93 she’s still attending big events and pulling in massive crowds. Mum […]

Captain Bailey!

I sent a pawtographed copy of my book to bestselling author Marian Keyes

Today my mum had the fortune to meet Marian Keyes. I think she’s absolutely pawesome and have enjoyed watching her on her YouTube channel. She is so lovely and a big inspiration to a beginning pawthor like me. My mum can be quite shy at times but I made her give Marian a copy of […]

Mum’s left us

Well mum has gone. She’s left us… only until Friday, don’t worry. She’s flown to London for the London Book Fair. She was really excited about it and quietly dad and I are really excited about some quality guy time. We waited for her flight to take off before we cracked out the milk and […]