Judith Kerr is a pawesome lady!

Today mum went to see the lovely Judith Kerr talk about her life and her work. She’s the well loved author of the bestselling children’s books The tiger who came to tea and Mog the forgetful cat aswell as many many more. At 93 she’s still attending big events and pulling in massive crowds. Mum said she’s really inspirational and she loved listening to her.

Judith Kerr

Over the years Judith said she’s had nine different ‘Mogs’ and I think each one of them was extremely lucky.

Photo credit: Harper Collins Kids UK

Photo credit: Harper Collins Kids UK

Mum’s back tomorrow, her flight gets back early evening, so we’ll be busy hiding all the evidence of our fun tomorrow!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. I love Mog! I also loved the little short that came out at Christmas with Sainsbury. There was an accompanying video the making of with a lovely interview of Judith Kerr

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  2. how nice of your Mum to share the photos. I didn’t know about the author before but I will be happy to look up her books. Hide all that evidence quickly, Bailey.

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  3. I love Mog. How nice that your Mom got to hear her speak.

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  4. I just got Kerr’s book “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” for my nephew for Christmas, and I really enjoyed rereading it myself. It’s wonderful that she’s still doing public events; thanks for telling us!

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  5. Pawsome lady, Bailey! Glad your mum got away, but be sure to get everything ship shape pronto, dear buddy! pat

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  6. Wow! Your human is SO lucky she got to meet Judith Kerr!

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  7. OH. WOW. We are SO jealous!!!

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