Packing and pranking Uncle Gery!

The moving truck is coming tomorrow so we’re nearly all packed and ready to go, but we couldn’t leave without making Uncle Gery laugh.

Over the past couple of years we’ve shared a garage with Jose and Uncle Gery and there’s been a running joke about how protective Uncle Gery is of his bike… No one is allowed to touch it! So we decided to protect it for him…

Uncle Gery's bike!

He will be chuckling about this for a long time! He plans to cycle from Rome to Brussels soon and he will be doing a detour to visit us in Milan. We wish him well on the crazy Italian roads.


Once the truck has been, we will spend one last night on Nocturne before leaving for Milan. It’s starting to feel real now.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Don’t be too nervous – it will all work out!


  2. that is too hilarious! Wishing you all the best of luck!!! You will all do fine!! catchatwithcarenandcody


  3. You shall buy to Uncle Gery a fluorescent jacket… you’re right, Italy isn’t a piece of cake to travel by bike! :-)claudine


  4. what a funny prank to pull and it’s not even April Fool’s day yet but with the move coming, you had to move it up a bit. yes once thing are all packed and the movers come, it does indeed seem more real.

    Best of luck that the move goes smoothly. Wishing Uncle Gery good luck & safe biking!


  5. HA! Fun idea for a prank! Hope the move goes smoothly and we’ll get to see your new home in Milan soon. Noccy will miss you.

    Love, Sam


  6. Safe trip Bailey


  7. Bailey, photo of you today is wonderful! You are so handsome, and I am wishing you and your family well on your new adventure…and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Uncle Gery!


  8. MOL! That bike is well wrapped 🙂
    Soon, another adventure begins…
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  9. Aww… I bet you all will miss being on the boat full time. At least it’s only temporary.


  10. Sure hope you love Milan Bailey! We wish we could visit you there!


  11. Take a breath…. you will have adventures and then be back! We will enjoy your blog still every day!


  12. Bailey, is that shrink wrap or a monster? Wonder if Gery’s bike will even start!! Good luck with your move. We look forward to hearing about your adventure on the way to Milan!! Pat


  13. Good Luck, for you all lovely Bailey, I am sure will be fine for you all. Thank you, Love, nia


  14. It will be a big adventure! You’ll see lots of new critters and visit interesting places 🙂


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