The Zizoo experience

As most of you know my mum is currently studying for her Masters in Professional Writing. She has her own new blog and she’s now also been asked to write guest posts for Zizoo, a company who can exclusively offer you the Zizoo experience. They help their customers to find the best offer for renting a boat without spending hours searching for it and they are very furiendly. They’re a leading boat rental company, offering boat holidays across the world with a strong presence in Croatia, Greece and Spain.

Of course I’m happy for mum that’s she busy writing about things that interest her, but for her first post she obviously had to feature me! I thought you all might enjoy popping over to read her article here.

Bailey Sailing

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Just think, your mom’s article allows you to show potential feline sailors how to do it right!

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  2. that was a very good article with lots of good information. Tell your Mum it was great.

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  3. I just read you mom’s article and it was really good!!

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  4. Great exposure for you and your mum, dear fellow! Well done! Pat

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  5. I loved your human’s article! It answered some questions I had about being a kitty on a boat.

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  6. Wee run rite over an read Lady Louise’ss bloggie!!!
    Yur lookin grate there Bailey!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


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