Organising humans is a full time job!

The humans are so hard to keep organised. I’ve always known it was a full time job but at the moment, as we prepare for our move, I’m having to put in overtime. They keep moving everything and putting it in the wrong place.

They’ve brought me some boxes which gets them extra purrs, but they keep putting things into them! Even though I have four paws there’s only one of me against two of them.

Box fun

I’m learning to be more patient as I try to teach them how to be more organised.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. You are very good at organizing, we’ll done, Montyx


  2. That does look like a very comfortable box! I know what you mean about humans being hard to manage, While mom was attending a seminar with her sister last week dad decide to wax all of our hardwood floors. He moved all of the furniture from the right places in every room, Then he moved it again (to wrong places and finally he put it back properly. It took a week and all he accomplished was making the fllors so slick that when you run and try to stop, you slide into things. My sister Talley seems to be enjoying it though, she calls it floor surfing!


  3. Bailey, what you need to do is wait until they fill one box and then you can “reorganize” what’s in it to teach your humans the proper technique! Pat

    Original Message—–


  4. Just don’t let them pack you in a box!!!


  5. According to Mr. M and Purrseidon, there is nothing better than a good box. However, if you think this move is disorganized, just wait until your humans need/want to move back to the boat – I guarantee they will have collected more than will fit aboard, so you’ll really have your paws full, then.


  6. How silly of your humans to keep filling up those boxes with anything but YOU, Bailey!


  7. Moving can be a dangerous business; one needs to box carefully.


  8. You may be organizing them, but those boxes can be lots of fun to play in too.


  9. Wait they are using YOUR boxes? Disgraceful 😉


  10. Oh the nerve of them to give you a box and then fill it with their stuff!
    Demand payment for them “renting” your boxes. Treats will do nicely 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  11. Lovely Bailey, you know how to make me smile 🙂 I can see the problem in there 🙂 I know this very well our Princess, (our cat) is same as you, while we are moving, boxes luggages, she really helps us, really 🙂 Good Luck for your human, it is the hardest part to package and move… I wished to help them, Thank you, Love, nia


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