Hanging out with Uncle Gery!

The humans have deserted me gone on holiday today. They’ve gone to visit great furiends of ours who moved to Vietnam last year and then they are going to spend some time in Dubai on the way back. They’ll be gone for two weeks. I think it’s really rude that I wasn’t invited to go, but I’m happy to be staying at home on the boat with Uncle Gery looking after me and the lobsters! We’re going to have a pawesome time!

I’ve packed the humans off with Sharkie and Blue so they can keep an eye out for me and let me know what they’re getting up to!

If I fits...I sits!

I tried to hide in the suitcase but was caught red pawed! I hope they have a great time and I’m sure we will too when we see their photos!

Suitcase selfie

I hope you all have a pawesome week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Jill clark says:

    I hope you and Grey have a paws me two weeks. M and Dad will be sure to Skype ,if possible, and email you with photos regularly.
    My five miss me when I go but I am sure to leave good treats behind.


  2. You will have a wonderful time with Gerry, good thing you don’t have to go to a kennel, Montyx


  3. I hope you and Gerry have a great time on the boat. Personally I would think that is far more fun than traveling but that’s just me. It looks like you were having fun though sitting in the box AND the suitcase. My girls were arguing over who got to be in a box on the floor yesterday — who knew it would be so difficult?


  4. Gery is lucky that you are there to advise him how to take care of everything.


  5. I am glad you have a good kitty sitter.


  6. Perhaps you can host a party, or two. I’m sure your Uncle Gery wouldn’t mind. 🙂
    Safe travels to your humans.


  7. mitzithedog says:

    Nice try with the suitcase. I use to wait until she was rolling it down the driveway then jump on it to hitch a ride. She never goes anywhere anymore


  8. We’re sure you will miss your folks, but Uncle Gerry sounds like a good sitter.
    Hope you boys have fun !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  9. Sounds like a nice vacation! I can’t wait to see photos.


  10. Good try, Bailey! Let Sharkie and Blue be your eyes and ears, and YOU can live the high life and pawty with Uncle Gery!! We won’t tell. Pat


  11. Dear brofur, two weeks is a really long time. We sure wish you could stay with us while Mom Lou and Dad James are away. Behave yourself for Uncle Gery. Can’t wait to see your humans’ photos from their trip. Sending you lots of love and warm hugs. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  12. I hope Gery knows how to take a good photos of you, so that we can still visit with you each day! 😉 You look gorgeous and simply delightful in that box…hehe.


  13. Wish you were visiting Dubai? Purrr


    • The humans will be there next week from the 28th until the 2nd. If you send me an email (baileyboatcat AT icloud.com) I can pass it on to them and maybe you could meet up for a glass of milk or whatever it is that humans drink! =^.^=


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