Santa Paws is getting ready!

Furiends today the humans and I officially started our Christmas shopping and its’s so exciting! It might seem a little early, but we hate the crowds and the mad rush in the last two weeks before Christmas so we started today. Since we more or less know what we’d like to get evfurryone it was […]

Laundry pile!

Whether you live on a boat or in a house, the best place to sleep is always on top of a fresh laundry pile! My selfish humans have put the washing away now, but I was really enjoying my fresh napping until they did! Bisous, Bailey

If I fits… I sits!

Ticking things off the to do list!

Furiends I’m happy to report that the humans and I are ticking things off our to do list! We started today by cutting off the rope that was wrapped around our propeller! We picked it up as we maneuvered into our berth the last time we came in. As we arrived it was very windy […]

Aiming for a more productive week!

Last week was one of those funny weeks where I just didn’t really get going… I did lots of sunbathing because the weather has been so nice and it might suddenly change… Naturally I couldn’t waste the weather. At the end of the week I was a little bit sick. My humans completely overreacted, of […]

Blue Green Selfie

Pray for Paris

Furiends I’m shocked and saddened by the events that happened last night in Paris. As most of you know I’m French and spent the first two years of my life living in Nice. Before that my mum had lived in Paris for three years. We are very sad and praying for Paris. At times like […]

Wishing you all a pawesome weekend!

Wishing you all a pawesome weekend with everything that you love! Bisous, Bailey

Coffee and bug watching!

I went to the cafe in our port today and whilst my human had a coffee I enjoyed watching some bugs go about their day. I love the boat for fish TV and birdwatching but I don’t often get to watch bugs! It was fascinating! I had a pawesome time. Everybody in the cafe was […]

Stretching in the sun!