The strangest sea creature I’ve ever seen…

Strangest sea creature I've ever seen

Strange sea creature


  1. Beautiful blue water!

    We’d have to pull out that creature in to see what it is. We’re kind of snoopy 🙂


  2. Bailey, not only strange, but very scarey!! Pat

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  3. is that a box-fish? maybe that is the treasure box of a pirate ?

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  4. This is the result of the indifference of man about protecting our Planet and avoiding littering… the box is only one of millions of them… polluting the waters of the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers… It’s very scary indeed…
    Have a lovely evening :-)claudine

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  5. Not such a fun thing to bump into… especially at night!

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  6. hmmm, approach with caution, that’s for sure.


  7. Jill Clark says:

    People trash


  8. That is a weird creature!


  9. That is one of the most evil and dangerous sea critters out there! 😦


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