Wing on wing- we’re flying!

We’re flying back to Rome furiends! We decided to stop at a lovely anchorage last night and get some rest because the seas were quite big and we fancied a nice relaxing dinner on anchor. This morning we set off again and we’ve got our sails set in a wing on wing configuration, so we’re literally flying back to Rome!

Wing on wing.

We’re just passing one of our favourite islands, Ponza, and we should be arriving in our home port of Rome around 2/3am. I’ve spent most of the trip back from Greece in the bathroom cupboard because I love to wedge myself in there. However, from time to time I do come out into the cockpit to ensure my crew are following their instructions and to get some well deserved ear rubs.

Checking on the crew

I’m looking forward to being back and seeing all of my furiends but I’m also sad our Greek adventure will be over. We’ve got lots of new adventures planned already though AND I’ve still lots and lots to tell you about the summer. I know lots of you are itching to know how we got rid of the dreaded diesel bug too, which I’ll be covering in detail very soon.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Have a safe trip!

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  2. Happy Sails 🙂


  3. Beautiful! You are a good captain! Montyx

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  4. I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

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  5. Cool \good sailing


  6. Glad the trip back is OK, it’s lovely to see you and your dad too!


  7. doesn’t it feel wonderful to be sailing fast and effortlessly! You look like you’re enjoyih your ear rubs a lot.
    We are looking forward to hearing how you got rid of the diesels bugs. They can be bacteria, fungi, yeast and slime and are really hard t get rid of because they can lay doemant in crevices or pits until more water is taken into the fuel system and cause them to reproduce again.


  8. I see you on the radar……very close to home now….


  9. @ashleighsmeow says:

    Safe travels Bailey!

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  10. What a fun trip you had, Bailey.


  11. It must be nice to sail with the wind in your furs!
    Have a good,safe trip.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  12. Fascinating, Bailey! You certainly know how to coax a boat to maximum effect! Pat


  13. Hey Bailey, lovely sailing downwind… I remember once years ago, I was in a race heading to Lefkas (south). The wind was a strong southerly and we were all on the rail gettng wet… as we sat there geting soaked wave after wave, another boat passed us going North… They were all in swimsuits and drinking G’n’Ts… It was a prime example of how direction in life can make so much difference.. just like your fur…going one way it is stroked, going the other it is ruffled… hehehee!!


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