The engine stopped- Nippy towed Nocturne like a hero!

Furiends, remember on the way to Greece we got plastic rubbish wrapped around our propellor and we were adrift

Well, it wasn’t the only time this summer. We had some engine troubles and the engine stopped. Naturally, Murphy’s Law meant that there was no wind so we were adrift again. We were (thankfully, very slowly) drifting towards land this time. We’d left Corfu and were setting off to spend one last night on anchor at a small island on the way, before making our crossing from Greece back to Italy. An hour after leaving Gouvia marina the engine stopped.

We couldn’t quickly diagnose the problem with the engine, so we started to discuss our options.

Until her um, issue, Noccy had been towing Nippy so we could have one last zip around the island before raising her onto the deck for the crossing.

I sent one of my humans off to check out two bays that weren’t too far away while we drifted. He came back having chosen one he was happy to anchor in and then Nippy bravely stepped up and played the hero of the day.

We helped her get set up and then she towed us into the bay so we could anchor safely and find the problem.

Nippy the hero!

Luckily Film on Friday is back and I captured her heroics on video!

We anchored safely so please don’t worry about us. Can any of you guess what our problem was? I’ll tell you all tomorrow!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Don’t you just love boats and the adventures they give us!! Our names are Ming and Pema, two Siamese cats aboard our 48′ Kadey Krogen Trawler. We just LOVE reading about you and seeing photos of a Siamese friend across the ocean. Glad to hear you are safe.

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  2. The little engine that could! Glad you made it into the safety of the bay. The water colour is so beautiful there!!

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  3. I’m just going to venture a completely wild guess, Bailey, & go with either seaweed, or fishing line getting tangled around your propeller.

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  4. Little Nippy came through like a champ! Hope everyone thanked her for her hard work. I’m guessing it wasn’t more prop fouling, or your humans could probably have cleared that, Maybe contaminated fuel?

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  5. Bravo for Nippy! Humm, I don’t think you have sargasso there, besides which, you didn’t say the engine got slow before it stopped, you said it stopped … 90% of the time, that means fuel – assuming this is a diesel engine, we’re talking about – my guess is that either there was a vacuum lock on your fuel or it could be a solenoid issue or possibly a fuel pump, too … did you get a low pressure alarm before the engine stopped? The first thing I would check would be to see if there was water in the fuel filter.


  6. kittiesblue says:

    You ran out of gas! Wow, I would never have guessed that Nippy’s motor would be strong enough to do this. How fortunate. We are so happy that you were able to get to a safe place. Can’t wait to find out what really did happen. XOCK from your brofur and sisters, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  7. We wait to hear the out come Missy was most concerned.


  8. The little engine that could- boating edition 🙂 I am glad you are all OK, that is awful about the bag.


  9. Nip Nip Horray! One of Mintrel’s cats (diesel engines) got sick (stopped working) last month, and it ended up being a broken automatic feeder (fuel injector). We finally sent it away for repairs and hope to have it back soon. Minstrel also has line cutters on her props now too…so worth it. What was Noccy’s “issue”?


  10. We’re sorry to hear Noccy has a tummy ache in her engine. We hope it is an easy (and inexpensive) fix!


  11. Go Nippy..!!! I luv watching your adventures..BUT…don’t you ever just get really scared?????


  12. Yeah nippy !! My guess would be fuel + water issue check those inline filters


  13. Smart use of Nippy!
    Are you out of fuel?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  14. Bailey, it seems to me you have an exceptionally clever co-skipper aboard who figured out how to use Nippy to your advantage!! Good team work! I’m guessing you ran out of fuel? Pat


  15. I’m glad you were able to get safely to the bay!


  16. Who was driving (sailing?) Nippy? A Ghost?? 🙂



  1. […] The contamination of our fuel system completely blocked our fuel lines solid before it even got to the filters. A quick look after the engine stopped meant it was obvious we needed more time to calmly look at the system, making it necessary to find somewhere safe to anchor. That’s when Nippy came to the rescue and towed us into the bay. […]


  2. […] you know we had an unfortunate incident with diesel bug when the engine stopped as we were leaving […]


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