Passage planning

Furiends I’ve been happily passage planning which is a very impawtant part of my duties aboard Nocturne, but there’s been a slight altercation with the humans. They didn’t like me really putting my paw in the action…

Passage planning

There was a breeze coming through the hatch, so naturally I needed to keep my paw on it. They told me I’m not allowed on the chart though.

Told off

Since I’m the Admiral on board I think it’s up to me how the charts are used! I told them that and now I’m not talking to them until they apologise.

Ignoring the humans

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Remember the captain is always the captain and he has a lot more experience than you and many other considerations tread lightly

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  2. Digital charts don’t blow away & are updated more frequently.

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  3. I know what you mean Bailey. We get no respect! We work hard to help our peeps get along well and not get lost. I grab the poisonous potatoes from mom….these are the potatoes that have turned green from the sun….she doesn’t get it. Even when she has to chase me around the yard. It’s not until she actually sees the pot for herself. Geesh!

    Hugs, your Siamese sister,


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  4. Humans are not very appreciative, are they?

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  5. Keeping the charts in place is very important work, You’d think they would show more appreciation.

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  6. I’d not speak to them until….at LEAST dinner time!

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    • I agree with you, Sarlege, don’t speak w/your humans until @ least dinnertime, Bailey, or if you’re really “hissed off” @ them over the chart thing, I’d hide out until bedtime & make them pay 4 chasing their Admiral away while he’s planning the next stage of the cruise

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  7. After all you are the captain! The humans can help! Montyxxxx

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  8. kittiesblue says:

    That makes sense. Who are they to question Admiral Bailey? Sorry we have been missing. The humans went away and now we are once again playing catch-up. Super cute photos, brofur dearest! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  9. You make an excellent paper weight!

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  10. Got to keep the crew in line, Bailey. Good job…..

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  11. How else can you show them where to go? You HAVE TO put your paw on the map….

    Love and licks,

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  12. All you were doing was helping, Bailey. Humans just don’t appreciate good help.


  13. Geez, Bailey, you were only trying to be helpful!

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  14. Bailey, an Admiral’s job is never done, dear buddy!! Pat

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