Near collision with a day tripper boat!

Furiends do you remember when I told you all about the prettiest waters I’ve ever seen in Anti-Paxos? I told you there was one big problem with the place… Yep…day tripper boats!

We’d read and heard that the area was popular with day tripper boats and in an area of such beauty we expected it. When we arrived it was already quite busy and we picked a safe little spot to anchor. It’s not very deep there, so we didn’t need to much chain and we were being considerate of the others around us. About an hour after we arrived though, this happened….

Near collision

A big day tripper boat dropped his anchor and basically ‘sat’ on top of us!

Bad seamanship

After my humans had shouted at them that they were too close, they shouted back ‘no problem’. That’s when I decided to get involved. I marched to the bow of the boat and had a look. I was quite concerned about the safety of my boat and all the passengers on the day tripper boat.

Telling off the day trippers

The crew were saying how nice my eyes were but I wasn’t impressed. I instructed my humans to let out more of our chain so that we would drift back. Unfortunately, this put us close to other boats but it was a better alternative to being dangerously close to this bully. We couldn’t even start our engine to maneuver, since before they were even properly stopped hundreds of people had jumped into the water swimming around us. It was a very strange experience.

I really did enjoy the end of the day though. All of the loud and hectic day tripper boats left and we were left to enjoy paradise in peace!


Happy Caturday!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Wow, how incredibly rude of the other vessel to come so close! There is no reason or excuse for that. Bad drivers on land, bad drivers at sea as well. Glad all are OK after this.

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  2. If this rude boat comes, again, you might want to consider moving because talking to this type of human is a waste of breath – they think they can do no harm, therefore they create problems for others.

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  3. mitzithedog says:

    That should not be allowed. They were probably fans of your book and wanted a closer look of you. It’s the price of fame and being so handsome

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  4. Those day trippers were bullies!! Shame on them for not being good boaters. I’m glad you and the humans are okay,though. That water is amazingly beautiful!!

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  5. Ugh, even in Paradise there are inconsiderate rude people! Glad it worked out okay! You tell em Bailey they have no idea who they are messing with. You were very restrained in chastising them!

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  6. That was not nice at all.
    There was room for them to be farther away.
    Guess they were mesmerized by your eyes!
    Glad you enjoyed the end of your day 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  7. Glad they didn’t collide with you. I guess they don’t understand the nautical term of “Stand Clear!” At least the crew from the day-tripper boat recognized your handsomeness.

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  8. We really dislike crowds and bullies!

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  9. Crystal clear blue water. AWESOME!

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  10. Bailey, that looked very dangerous and foolish on the part of the Marco Polo. Don’t they have a local Coast Guard patrolling? My goodness you certainly had a busy day! Glad you’re safe and sound now, dear fellow. pat

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  11. Day trippers sound like trouble!

    Love and licks,

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  12. Diane sargent says:

    Rude bullies…..shame on them. Glad no one was hurt..

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  13. What an annoyance, and dangerous too! Are these boat humans idiots or something? They certainly are rude!

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  14. Warrior cat, Bailey, saved the day, again… 😎

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  15. WOW Bailey………how annoying that must have been to have that boat right on top of you, trapping you in that space. It was very rude of them…….I’m sure once they left and things settled down, you enjoyed some peace and quiet!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  16. Awww Bailey…that really ruffled your fur… not very furiendly behaviour… I often wonder, is it because they are professionals? Because that doesn t make for very “professional” behaviour either… Because they go there everyday, they act as if they own the place… and letting the passengers jump of the boat to swim, while the engines are running..very bad safety practices.. unfortunately not uncommon here… bit like taxi drivers who reckon they “own” the road…


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