Anchored with a line ashore in paradise!

Furiends we’re having such a pawesome time in Greece. We’re really living the dream. We’re anchored with a line ashore around the rocks. We’re very safely tucked into a beautiful bay. The humans had a BBQ on the beach last night with our Furiends from SV Fubbs and I enjoyed some alone time stargazing. Today […]

We’ve arrived in Fiskardo!

Furiends we’ve arrived in Fiskardo at the north of Kefalonia. I was struggling with the Internet earlier, but now that it’s late evening my 3G connection is playing ball. We had a pawesome sail up here and saw a pod of dolphins that came to play with us. Its beautiful here and I can’t wait […]

Getting ready to set sail again!

Dad is on a flight from Pisa to Kefalonia right now and will be here in a couple of hours! I’m so excited to see him and also to set sail again tomorrow. I’ve had a busy day making sure that our floating home is back into boat mode ready for tomorrow! We’re hoping to […]

Sailor Selfie

Chilled out Caturday!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’m having a very chilled out day here aboard Nocturne. Mum has been pulling out boxes from the side of the bed to tidy and organize and I’ve claimed the spot… …It’s very cosy and comfortable. We’ve also been enjoying watching the turtles that frequently swim past to visit! We could watch […]

Exploring the broken pontoons

I can’t quite believe it’s Friday already! This week has gone quite quickly for me because I’ve been so busy and I’m willing Monday to come so that dad will be back and we’ll be setting off again! Today I’ve had a great time exploring the broken pontoons here in the marina. Luckily, I think […]

An uninvited guest at 5 am.

I love to sleep on top of the wardrobe so that I have a great view out of my favourite porthole. This morning at around 5am I was most alarmed when I opened my eyes to see another green pair of eyes blinking back at me. There was a rude feline face pressed right up […]

Dinghy divider!

Sad images from Gaios

Friends you may remember after the drifting drama, when we were about to leave the Italian island of Panarea, I told you all we were heading for Gaios, on the Greek island of Paxos. As you know we ended up much further south on the island of Kefalonia due to bad weather… …We were actually […]

Safely tied alongside in a spider’s web!

Yesterday we sailed out of the bay to a small atoll and the humans entertained themselves snorkelling while I chilled out under the dinghy. I love my spot there because when the humans come back aboard I can spy on them through the hatch without them knowing I’m there! We anchored last night and then […]