Dead in the water!

Furiends our crossing from Acciaroli to Panarea took a turn for the worse at 11pm last night when we ran over some rubbish in the water. Unfortunately for us it got itself well and truly wrapped around the propellor and the engine make a big clunking noise. We immediately turned it off and checked the gearbox to make sure that there wasn’t a major problem or water coming into the bilge. Once happy there wasn’t an emergency we took a spotlight and could see a horrible ghostlike mess floating off behind us. We instantly realised that this was the culprit.

It was dark and very rolly so I decided it wasn’t safe for my humans to get into the water and try and cut it free. So we tried to sail for a little bit, but at that time of night in the Mediterranean, as usual, there was next to no wind. So we had no choice but to lower the flogging sails and drift for the night.

We’d been sailing and motoring for about seven or eight hours before we lost the use of the engine so we were confident that we had plenty of sea room and we weren’t going to drift anywhere near land or any reefs. We took turns to watch for passing ships though as we rolled our way through the night. At sunrise we managed to get the sails up and Noccy gladly obliged at sailing along at 6 knots for a short time until about 8am when the wind died again. I thought this was the purrfect opportunity for my humans to sort out the problem.

Dad got into the water equipped with a line, the life ring, snorkelling gear and a knife and mum and I watched ready to take action if he got into trouble or hurt himself. It was a tense few minutes but luckily he expertly freed us pretty quickly. I think it might be due to the fact that he gets freaked out in deep water and where we were, it was about 3000 feet deep!

Once back aboard we couldn’t believe the mess that had tried to hitchhike to Panarea with us…

Rubbish around the prop.

I’ve spoken before about how shocking we find the amount of rubbish we see floating around in the ocean and I’d like to take this oppawtunity to remind everyone again to be responsible when disposing of rubbish, especially plastic. Luckily this rubbish didn’t kill any of my maritime furiends but it stopped us in our tracks instantly.

We did have a beautiful highlight to our uncomfortable night though, a pod of dolphins came to us at about 4am and swam around us saying hi. They played as the humans and I shone the spotlight on them. I think they were curious and making sure we were safe. As you know, dolphins bring good luck to sailors so I was very happy to see them.

Luckily once the rubbish was off, the engine started without any problems and as far as we can tell there’s been no damage to any of the mounts, so we’re extremely lucky. We motor sailed the rest of the way to Panarea. It’s a beautiful island but we can really see the difference now that August has arrived… It’s packed!


There’s easily 1000 boats here. Since I don’t want to be pestered for my pawtograph all evening I’ve settled into a private spot on the deck to enjoy the sunset.

Chilling on deck

Tomorrow we set sail again. We’ll be at sea for two days as we sail down the Straights of Messina and head to Gaios on the Greek Island of Paxos. Please keep your paws crossed for us that we don’t run into any more deadly rubbish.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. I am glad everything is OK.That was a big mess.

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  2. It’s pawsome that your dad was so brave to jump into the water. 3k feet is a lot! I’m sad too when I see the garbage and the plastic stuff on my beach… the ocean is no dumpster, why some people are so careless and throw such bad things in the water :o(

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  3. kittiesblue says:

    Bailey, that had to be really scary. We are so thankful that the motor wasn’t damaged and that Dad James was able to get that rubbish off without hurting himself. Looks like you have found the perfect place onboard for sunset watching. Enjoy your next sail. Paws crossed ll goes well. XOCK from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  4. cindy long says:

    So glad u are all safe

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  5. What a scary situation! I live on the ocean of British Columbia. Canada, and my mom says that our oceans and beaches have all sorts of debris! Have a wonderful safe sail to come! Montyx

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  6. The humans who tossed that rubbish were very naughty. Good news that you super brave dad got it sorted. Safe sailing!

    Love and licks,

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  7. Such a shame that all that rubbish winds up in the beautiful seas……..hope you don’t find any more of it on your trip……once is MORE than enough!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  8. That trash was disgusting! I wish humans were more responsible. At least you had the dolphins sending you good luck. 🙂

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  9. my goodness, what an adventure! So very glad that there wasn’t any damage to Noccy or to you and the humans. Very brave of your Dad to jump in to cut it loose and what wonderful fun to see the pod of dolphins. Glad you made it safely to your destination.

    You are very right to warn people about dumping trash – anywhere. It can cause so much harm & is unnecessary.

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  10. Im so glad that you are all ok and that you arrived safely!! Wish we could be there with you!

    Isabella and Mom

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  11. What a distressing event. Yes it sad how some sailors just throw their rubbish over the side, never thinking about the suffering it may cause, we saw a beautiful sea turtle washed up on the beach at Jacksonville, He had been strangled by a piece a wad of fishing line. So very sad!

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  12. Bailey, what an adventure, and a sad commentary on the carelessness and lack of respect for the sea on the part of some sailors. So glad you are all safe and the engine is purring! Pat

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  13. Diane sargent says:

    You are on an adventure……and so it is !!

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  14. My goodness! that was a bit scary, wasn’t it, Bailey? I’m so glad you were there to show your humans what to do. Just think what would have happened if you had been a summer camp? You saved the day!!!

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  15. We are glad that marine mess did no permanent damage!
    It really is sad the amount of garbage there is in our oceans.
    We wish you fair winds and following seas !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  16. What a bunch of tray. We are very glad it did not damage the motor. Please stay safe Bailey and Mom & Dad. We are enjoying your travel.
    Cat Scout Charles

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  17. Stella Boatman says:

    Love seeing all the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your life with all of your readers. I keep hearing there is a garbage pile of trash floating around in the Pacific Ocean as big as the state of Texas! So sad!

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  18. How lucky for you to be visited by those dolphins. I’m glad everything turned out OK.

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  19. Bailey we are always disgusted at the mess humans leave..i get super angry..i know here talk is of feral cats killing wildlife but in all my travels arounfd the country and all the places nooks and crannies i investigate it is human rubbish that contributes as well.Empty cans that reptiles get their heads stuck in and suffocate or die from starvation..bags which choke platypus and turtles and other marine animals..all these contribute along with decimation of land for building or from human lit fires or 4wd we all need to do our bit! loves Fozziemum xx

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  20. So much trash! It is especially dangerous in the water for boats and sea life. We’re sure the dolphins brought good luck 😉

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  21. My jaw dropped when I saw the debris you picked up!! People dump so much Bailey its criminal! I am glad you are all safe and OK.


  22. sarledge1 says:

    I love your blog, Bailey! So enjoying your progress. We were in that area several times on large ships. I’m happy your dad was able to cut away the rubbish that stopped you cold! I can’t imagine jumping into water that is that deep!!. Glad you and mom kept an eye on him as he worked to free the boat. Makes me so angry to see what little respect some people have for our Mother Earth. Be safe my friend.😎



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