A beautiful invitation!

I’m a very lucky boat cat to have been invited to my dad’s cousin’s wedding in September. I absolutely LOVE the beautiful invitation.


Unfortunately we will still be bringing Nocturne back to our home marina in Rome during the celebrations so I’m very disappointed that we’ll be unable to go. I already know it’s going be absolutely amazing.

Roshni and Vishnu's invite

Thank you and your families for inviting me (and the humans)!

I’d like to wish the pawesome Roshni and Vishnu the most purrfect wedding that they can dream of and a very happy, healthy life together.

Bisons, Bailey


  1. Your good wishes will be enough, your presence would have been really special, but I am sure they will understand! Your love is there! Montyx


  2. I’m sure they are tempted to abandon ship for a while …


  3. that is beautiful! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness!


  4. aww, sorry you can’t make it. It is a very beautiful invitation.


  5. That is a beautiful invitation……………….very unique!

    Hugs, Sam


  6. What a gorgeous invitation! Congratulations to your male human’s cousin!


  7. What a beautiful invitation! Too bad you’ll miss the festivities!


  8. Oh yes, that is a very pretty invitation 🙂
    Best wishes for the happy couple.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


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