Dinghy in distress but we’re now safely on our way!

Furiends I’m writing this at eleven thirty p.m… Yesterday! We left the marina one hour ago!

As they say, when you’re dealing with boats you have to be prepared to write your plans in wet sand at high tide. Yes, our plan to leave on Tuesday was scuppered after Nippy the dinghy got in distress. The humans filled up the tank of fuel from the marina and it was contaminated with water which promtly killed the engine. Dad was in it as it drifted out of the marina and along the beach! Since he was stranded I sent out my dear furiend Irina in her boat to rescue him with the help of Gerry and my mum.


They towed him back into the marina. His blurry view from the dinghy with his phone shows the three of them laughing at him!


After lots of tinkering, I decided I wanted Emily the engine to be serviced properly so after the drama we went to bed still in the marina. We were extremely lucky that the great team at the Suzuki dealership did us a huge favour and fit us in yesterday morning immediately because they knew we wanted to leave and they are pawesome!

Gian Luca the outboard genius set to work on Emily and had her purring again in no time!



Good as new!

After a few last minute preparations and dinner, of course, we set off on our voyage! If you would like to see where I am you can by clinking on the following link… https://share.delorme.com/JamesTimony

Unfortunately it’s in my human’s name and not mine and since it was his birthday present I can’t really complain… But I might change it when he’s not paying attention! The tracker should update our location every half an hour so you’ll be pretty up to date with where we are if you’re interested.

On watch

Bisous, Bailey


  1. That’s a really great phrase Bailey.. “when you’re dealing with boats you have to be prepared to write your plans in wet sand at high tide”…I might have to borrow it! Hope the rest of your cruise is less dramatic, but maybe for your dad’s next birthday, you can get him some oars for the dinghy…MOL. =^,,^=

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  2. Were some of his comments also inclined to be ‘blurry’?
    For something meant to operate in water that motor makes an awful fuss about having a little extra of the stuff!

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  3. Glad you got the engine serviced right away, Bailey! That is a great quote about writing plans in wet sand at high tide! 🙂

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  4. oh dear! it is always something. I’ll bet there was some high seas language used when Dad got stranded. Glad that the motor was able to be serviced quickly and that you are on your way!

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  5. Happy all is well with the dinghy and the boat and that you’re finally on your way! We took a peek at your location……how fun!

    Hugs, sammy

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  6. I’m glad you guys are finally off! Guess what? I got to take a little boat ride to Catalina this week! I’m not sure what I thought of being on the water – it was definitely weird to me!

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  7. Better you found the bad petrol now than later, Bailey. Safe travels!


  8. Ha! Your dad looks pretty chill in the down dinghy! So glad you’re all up and running again.

    Love and licks,

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  9. Sorry to hear about the delay, but glad you got it sorted out quickly!
    Safe journey 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  10. Diane sargent says:

    Happy Travels …..


  11. Goodness, dear Bailey, you’d better offer some gifts to Neptune and make sure he protects you for the rest of the voyage!! Hope your main engine is OK! Pat

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  12. Safe travels and kind seas, Bailey !


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