Congratulations on Caturday!

The humans are home from Portugal! They didn’t notice our party because they were so tired! Luckily! They both worked this morning and then they were so tired this afternoon that they collapsed! I took the opportunity to monitor the camera and catch up on all the photos that I missed of the wedding. I […]


Yesterday was pawesome! Thank you to everyone who came and partied with me. The humans get back later this evening so I’ve been busy cleaning up! I heard from them this morning and they said the wedding was purrfect! I took a video but I don’t want the humans to see how wild our party […]

Party time!

Welcome aboard furiends! The humans are away so it’s party time! Feel free to help yourself to food and drinks and there will be lots of dancing on the deck! If you fancy a swim go ahead, but please let me know first so I can make sure you stay safe! There are lots of […]

Winch Watch!

Wedding season!

It’s all very exciting here aboard Nocturne today. The humans are packing ready to pop to Portugal tomorrow for a wedding. Jenni (dad’s sister) and Donal are getting married on Thursday in a beautiful place with all their furiends and family around them. I’d like to go of course, but someone needs to stay here […]

Pawesome week planned!

Happy Monday furiends! Yes I know for lots of you Monday isn’t usually a day to celebrate, but I’m feeling very positive that this week will be pawesome! It’s started with rain showers here today so everything has cooled down a little bit and I’m confident that this is a mark of great things to […]

Floating head selfie!

Calm Caturday!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’m having a nice calm day here. It’s still very hot so I’m staying calm and I’ve been relaxing for most of the day. In the evening it cools down a little bit and that’s when I really come alive! The humans have set the fans up for me again, so I’m […]

A brave Dinghy Devil!

Furiends this weeks Film on Friday shows a really brave Dinghy Devil! I like it when the humans feed the fish bits of bread because it makes Fish TV much more interesting. This week a brave dinghy devil came and stole it all! He kept a beady eye on me but since he was in […]

Hot and bothered!

Furiends I’m all hot and bothered at the moment! It’s 28 degrees Celsius here and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m malting at the moment! I’ve asked the humans to brush me even though I’m not really a fan just to lighten up the thickness of my coat a little. They’ve also […]