Let me OUT!

Furiends today’s Film on Friday shows me getting a little fluffed under the fur when one of my humans was outside this week working on the traveler project… WITHOUT me!

Obviously, this isn’t acceptable because I like to supervise everything that happens on my boat. As you’ll see my yelling worked and my dad finally opened the hatch at my request. Once we’d straightened out that I’m the project manager evefurrything was fine again!

Hey Human!

What gets you fluffed under the fur?

Have a pawesome weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. cindy long says:

    Oh u poor thing

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  2. I get very fluffed when I have to go in the carry kennel for safe travel, vet, etc. I sing all the way from point A to B! Mezzers are very vocal and determined! Monty x

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  3. It’s strange that you don’t seem to have a French accent…….. 🙂

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  4. Dear Bailey, I opened your film just as one of my cats was approaching. Your MEOW caught her attention, and she was very concerned that we had an unbidden visitor! What a fur-fluffing experience for her! So glad your scratching and talking techniques are in excellent working order. Hmmm, could this be one of the distractions your mum is trying to avoid?! Better for you to be helping dad than keeping mum from doing impawtant work on your behalf!! Pawsome work, my buddy. Pat

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  5. Riley Cat says:

    Even though you were angry… you were still polite! That’s important!

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  6. LOL, well, you know how it is — you can’t always get what you want! Glad that you finally got your way though to outside. Have fun & be safe.

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  7. You sure told your Dad how you felt about being trapped!!! I will scream at my Mom if she doesn’t IMMEDIATELY respond to me when I call her…………and I can get pretty noisy! Looking forward to seeing you on Nocturne next weekend Bailey when Cat Scouts comes for a sail !!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  8. The audacity of your dad not letting you snoopervise. The human thinks you aren’t nearly as noisy as the Siamese she had many years ago 😉


  9. msphoebecat says:

    My kitties are outraged your humans had the nerve to try and start/work on a project without you present for supervision! It’s a good thing you have trained them well not to mess with you when you do get fluffed under the fur!
    My fur kids get fluffed when I am eating meat and I do not give it immediately over to them. They want me to surrender any and all amounts I have on the plate and will reprimand and/or attempt to swipe it right off the plate!


  10. Bailey, you certainly got MY attention!


  11. We like a Dad that gives in to his boy 😉
    Proper thing too as you are project manager!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  12. mitzithedog says:

    All my sleeping dog buddies( there are 10 of us) woke up when we heard your cry for help. Most of them ran outside barking the alert. I knew it was you.My human said your meow melted her heart. Mine Too. We love you Bailey M.J.


  13. But, your mum had all the treats!!!
    You have a good dad who heard your pleas.

    Have a good weekend.


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