Waiting for the humans!

The humans are coming home from Greece tomorrow. I’d usually be quite excited, but I’m having such a good time with John and Bobby I’ve not had a chance to miss them! I’ve not even spoken to them! Hopefully the humans will bring me back something tasty though! What are you all doing this week? […]

Sleepy Fishercat!

Barney – Lefkas marina’s King Boat Cat!

I’d like to publicly thank Barney, the King Boat Cat at Lefkas Marina for recommending his human Kevan as an excellent surveyor. Barney lives aboard his Westerly with his two humans like I do. He has the run of the marina and he’s the boss of all the other local felines. He even has his […]

Survey in progress…

The humans have gone off to Greece again for the survey of Atlantia. They flew to Athens this morning and then hired a car to drive five hours West of Athens to the marina that she’s in. I’m at home with the lovely John and Bobbie. While they are cleaning and preparing their boat Quickbeam […]

Determined selfie!

Happy Festa della Liberazione!

Today is a national holiday in Italy. It’s the Festa della Liberazione or Liberation Day. The Italians are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Nazi occupation of the country. It’s a beautiful day here and the Italians are doing what they do best, promenading along the marina! It’s also Caturday so there […]

Wishing you all a purrfect weekend!

Furiends I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t had a chance to make a new film for Film on Friday! I missed it last week too…Ooops! I’m giving myself a bop on the head with my paw in punishment. I know how pawesome you are and I’m sure that you’ll understand how busy […]

John and Bobbie are here!

I’ve been waiting for today for so long! John and Bobbie our very dear furiends are finally here! I’m so happy! They flew from Windsor to Toronto then onto London. In London they got their last connection for a flight down to us here in Rome! They’re very tired but very happy to be here. […]

Happy Earth Day from my favourite place!

Gymnastics under the vee-berth!

Today we’ve had a big laundry day and as mum was pulling off all the bedding, dad decided to get out some of our storm sails to have a look at them. This meant there was a great spot under the vee-berth for me to explore! I literally got really into it! I even tried […]