The wanderer returns!

Mum’s back! To be honest I’d almost forgotten and was caught having a nap when she hopped onto the boat! I managed to race to the top stair just in time for her to open the hatch and think I’d be waiting all along. I had to stifle a yawn and a big stretch but I think I got away with it!

She’s very tired after a long journey but I’m glad she made it home in time for her birthday tomorrow. She’ll want to eat cake I’m sure and I’m hoping it will mean I get a tasty meal too!

Tasty treats

I’m licking my lips just thinking about the tasty treats the weekend is sure to bring!

I hope you all have a PAWESOME weekend too!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Happy birthday to mum!

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  2. Happy birthday to your human!! Hope she gives you some cake with some ice cream and a side of nip fur dessert! 😺


  3. Leslie Pomerantz says:

    Bailey, please tell your Mom I said “Happy Birthday!” I know she will have an extra special day being back home with you and your Dad. Remember to give her extra snuggles and purrs. I love reading about all your adventures and seeing your beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I also bought your book and I love it! You are so adorable! Your friend, Leslie and my 3 Siamese cats, Sasha, Chloe and Colby

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  4. The Swiss Cats says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom tomorrow ! Have a great weekend ! Purrs


    • coloradohi says:

      Hi, Bailey! I’m glad your mum got home safely. I bet she missed you. Please wish her a Happy Birthday. Boy, I would love to meet you. We look like twins….I will be 14 years old on April 6. I came to live with my mum and brofurs and sisfurs when I was only 12 weeks old. I brought my cat mom, Aimee, with me to live with our new mum. Our mum had a sailboat on Lake Michigan in the US for 15 years but I was never on it. You sure look as if you have a lot of fun as a cat sailor! Mum and I so enjoy your daily blog and pictures…we are so happy we found you and your mum and dad. Love ya buddy……Nikkei. (I was named after the Japanese stock index… mum thinks I’m worth a million bucks!!)


  5. Oh Bailey I do hope you and your Dad have some birthday surprises planned for your Mum! Hope she has a FABULOUS birthday too……….hugs from my Mom and me too!

    Love, Sammy


  6. Birthday wishes to your mom! Glad you now can party!Monty x


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  8. We’re so glad your mom is home in time to celebrate her birthday!


  9. Bailey, Sounds like you pulled off another clever trick! Please wish your mum a Happy Birthday from all of us here. Try to save some cake for her! Pat


  10. Your human’s birthday is only a few days before mine! Of course, she would want to spend it with you, Bailey! Oh yeah, and your male human too. 😉


  11. Don’t eat too much of your Mum’s cake, Bailey!


  12. kittiesblue says:

    We are so happy that Mum Lou is home safe and sound where she belongs! We know she will be showering you with love and you in turn will be giving her lots of purrs and kisses! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  13. Hahahaaahaaaa Bailey you are absolutely adorable!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry 🙂 🙂


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