An interview with cousin Ria!

Hi Ria, firstly I’d like to say thank you for putting up with my human this week. She’s loved being out in the field with you and your sisters. I’d also like to say thank you for talking to us today.


No problem Bailey, I’m very excited to be on your blog. We’re very proud of our famous cousin.

Very kind of you Ria. So how are you finding life with a new puppy in the house?

Well I’m eight years old and I’d always lived with Mabel. We were rescued together and came to live in Cornwall in our new home. When she died last year it hit me really hard and although I still had Polly to play with there was a big hole where Mabel had been. Polly was also a rescue puppy and when she first came to live with us she was quite troubled. She’s four now and quite a character. Blossom is a pampered princess, she was a present from one of my humans to the other because they really wanted another puppy to join us.

Polly, Mabel and Ria.

Since you’re the eldest now I assume you’re the boss?

Actually no. Mabel was always the matriarch and when she died I was too upset to fight for the top spot. I love everyone and my personality isn’t suited to being the ‘b*tch up top’, excuse my canine language and I’m much more comfortable worrying about the more important things in life like where my chew toys are in the field or dreaming of my next meal.

Quite alright Ria. So where does Blossom fit into the pack?

Well the Little Miss has big pasty paws and she’s enjoying pushing her luck. I let her nibble and paw me until she hurts me and only then I’ll tell her off. Polly doesn’t tolerate her childishness though and is much stricter with her. I think (looking at the size of her paws) she may well out grow Polly. She’s quite a character and it wouldn’t surprise me if she fights for the top spot towards the end of her adolescence.

Stick envy

Wow! It sounds very complex?

Well yes in a way I suppose but all groups have different dynamics. I’m not too fussed by it so I stay out of it. As long as I get equal food and cuddles from the humans I don’t mind.

You also live with three cats, how do you feel about that?

To be honest I love the cats. They never bother me and they’re quite fun to watch. Polly and Blossom enjoying chasing them to the stairs sometimes…The humans put a baby gate there so the cats can run up but the three of us can’t get at them. I’m quite large and have been known to be a little clumsy so I really admire the feline agility.

Thank you Ria and I wouldn’t call you large just slightly bigger boned. I think it’s pawesome when girls enjoy their food especially German Shepherds, you’re renowned for being quite fussy with food aren’t you?

Well I will eat anything and everything. I can always find room for food. Polly is a very finickity eater and fusses if she’s served something she doesn’t like. Blossom is a good eater too it seems. Since she’s a puppy she’s being fed more than us at the moment in small meals. I find it hard to watch her eat when I don’t have food.

Sorry to hear that Ria I can imagine that must be tough. So what’s the best thing about being in a pack of three?

I do really love belonging to a pack. We’re lucky to have three fields all to ourselves and we have the BEST time running around and chasing each other. It’s also nice to never be alone, even when the humans go out we have each other. I really enjoy watching them grow up too. Blossom is changing on a daily basis – she’s really gangly at the moment which is funny!

Have you had a nice time with my human?

Oh yes! I always do. She gives me great belly rubs which I adore. You have her really well trained. She’s also fun in the field because she never gets bored of throwing my ball or a stick.

Thank you so much Ria it’s been lovely to talk to you. I hope you do stand up for yourself a little more and continue to have fun with your sisters. I give you permission to slobber on my human tomorrow to make sure she gets up in time for her journey to the airport!

Excellent thank you Bailey! Stay safe sailing!

The three of us in January '15.

The three of us in January ’15.


  1. Excellent interview, Bailey.


  2. A charming trio. One of my top favourite dog models, only edged out by Irish wolfhounds.


  3. Thanks for the Q&A session, Bailey. Ria lives in quite the fun menagerie and I’m glad to hear she likes cats. Safe travels for your human, I’m almost positive you are looking forward to her return.


  4. So sweet! Great interview too. Sweet puppy!!


  5. Lovely having family like that, great interviy and Ria needs to be more of a boss! Love Monty x


  6. excellent interview, Bailey. So nice to hear from the rest of the family. Hope your Mum is doing well and gets home soon.


  7. Peggy Lacey Craig says:

    Oh, noooooo!!!! Please don’t post pictures of DOGS!!!



  8. You have some very beautiful cousins. Safe travels to mum.


  9. Very democratic of you, Bailey, to post about woofies!


  10. What a great interview of Ria. She seems like a very nice woofie.


  11. The Swiss Cats says:

    Great interview ! She seems to be a nice dog. Purrs


  12. Hi, Bailey, what adorable cousins. Maybe one day you can visit and run with them in their fields! Pat


  13. What a great interview Bailey!
    Ria & Polly are so beautiful & that Blossom is adorable & will grow up to be a beauty too!!
    There is something about German Shepherds…***sighs***
    Love Sherri-Ellen


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