STILL stuck inside!

Happy ‘Love your Pet day’ furiends! I love my two human pets and I showed them just how much by jumping on their stomachs and pushing my cold nose in their faces at 7AM this morning.

They returned my sign of affection with abuse! OK well not abuse exactly, but they haven’t been very nice today…I’m still stuck inside! The humans are now preparing to varnish the teak and they don’t want my fur in the mix.

I don’t like to take no for an answer, so I sat on the top step all day and waited for an opportunity to make a dash for it…unfortunately I didn’t manage to successfully escape today. Mum even shooed me down into the cabin at one point and tricked me by putting yummy treat food in my bowl and closing the hatch altogether! Since it’s ‘Film on Friday’ you can see just how desperate I am to get outside!

Even though I didn’t succeed today, I’m confident I’ll perform better tomorrow. I’d like to pawtograph the varnish!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Oh kitty, momma is teasing you!

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  2. Confinement is aweful, reminds me of when I have to go in my carry kennel! I put up a real fight! Hopefully tomorrow you can go out! Thinking of you friend! Monty x

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  3. Waiting to bust out is a tough nut. Good luck, buddy.

    Love and licks,

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  4. Mark & Sarah says:

    Our cat Alex does the same thing on our boat. Once he get out, then he get a little too brave.
    Very cute.
    Mark & Sarah
    s/v TA-DA!
    Chesapeake Bay US


  5. Bailey, it’s very good that you are being kept temporary captive, although you are so curious I know you want to break out! Be content, my buddy, because you know what curiosity has sometimes done to kitties!! Certainly you don’t want varnish on and in your fur, let alone dust. Imagine licking all of that yucky stuff out of your gorgeous coat!! Be happy, sweet fellow. Pat


  6. I know you don’t like your solitary confinement, but it beats having varnish on your coat. Sometime this spring I’m going to have to do the window sills at home and I’m quite sure that my girls will not be happy that they, too, will have to be shut out of all the “fun”. However I don’t want my hard work pawtographed any more than your humans do.


  7. Poor Bailey, believe me you are safer inside instead of near varnish which is poisonous and messy.


  8. Better to be inside than out. If you were out, they’ll put you to work. They’d be telling you, “not like that, like this.” Inside, you get to nap, have some treats or explore somewhere that hasn’t been explored yet.

    Have a good weekend, Bailey.


  9. The Swiss Cats says:

    We don’t think varnish is made for cats, especially for licking. It’s annoying, but it looks like it’s safer for you to stay inside for a while, even if it’s so unfair and so boring ! Purrs


  10. Bailey, we hafta agree…varnish is not something you wanna get your paws into. Hope you can get out tomorrow.


  11. Poor baby! Sometimes my Toby is desperate to go outside and he follows me around meowing and looking at me with those big kitty-cat eyes. It’s hard to say no but sometimes we humans have to when it is to keep you safe! You’ll be outside again soon! Hang in there!


  12. Aww, Bailey, poor you! I would think twice about putting your pawprint on the varnish – it probably tastes pretty nasty and I bet it is not good for you!


  13. oh dear Bailey,time for some magic closet travel I think,xx Speedy


  14. Gosh Bailey – you should take this opportunity to get lots of nice NAPS in…..that varnish stuff probably is stinky and not good for you anyway – so just enjoy being in the cozy cabin while your humans do all the hard work!!

    Hugs, Sammy


  15. kittiesblue says:

    Putting your paw stamp on the varnish sounds like a grand idea, except for the fact that stuff is super sticky, and you’d never get it out of your furs or off your toes without some really strong and nasty remover. Stay in where it is safe. We’re stuck in too ’cause of the snow and cold temps. We are getting super bored and antsy. Love to all of you from your brofur, sisfurs and Mom Janet. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  16. Well Bailey, you sure did give it a great effort from what we can see. Hopefully they will be done and you can get out soon.


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