Humans are on the way!

The humans are on their way home! I’m excited to see them of course, but I’ve purrfected my I’m not amused face!

Purrmission to kiss the paw!

I’ll make them grovel lots when they get home…obviously. I’m expecting lots of treats when they get back and a present, so I think the next few days are going to be PAWESOME!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Make them grovel! Love Monty x


  2. Never want your humans to take you for granted so make them make it up to you that they’ve been gone.


  3. Work on that Poor Me face………here all alone all that time…………….


  4. I think the more dejected and depressed you look, the better!!

    Hugs, Sammy


  5. Oh yes, Bailey, you MUST milk it! Many times, when my human is out of town, I am with her, and can you believe that Binga and Boodie expect ME to bring them treats?!


  6. Sounds like a plan, B. Good luck.

    Love and licks,


  7. I bet your humans love you plenty! When our humans go away, we make them search all over the place for us as payment for leaving us! Love Mango and Boris!


  8. I hope they bring you back lots of good stuff.


  9. Hope they bring you lots of treats!


  10. We’re sure they missed you as much as you missed them, Bailey.


  11. Good fur you, Bailey- don’t be appeased by any toys!


  12. Bailey, Please greet your humans with open paws and a nice big beautiful smile!! They will be exhausted when they get home. What did you and Diablo do while they were away? Pat


  13. I do hope you make them suffer for leaving you for so long, the fact you have fun does not make their betrayal any less!


  14. Nancy Davis says:

    All of us cataholics know that kitty cold-shoulder all too well. Wouldn’t want you acting like a dang dog!


  15. You look quite regal Bailey 🙂


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