The humans are back soon so today I enjoyed my last day of pure parties relaxation. Tomorrow I think I’m going to start tidying, well if I can wake up!

Gery and Irina

Of course when Gery comes to spend time with me I’ll be wide awake! What plans do you have for this week?

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Have a great week, so nice Very has been with you! Tidying up will surprise the humans, not knowing you had a great party! Love Monty

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  2. msphoebecat says:

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation away from the humans, but I bet you are excited to have them back again. Remember to make sure all evidence of any nip scattered about the tub, on the counters, in the human’s sheets, etc is removed when tidying up, or the human’s will find out for sure you had the party. Better to block them from being able to view the wild video of you riding in circles full speed on the ceiling fan whilst on a nip high, that some kitty uploaded to YouTube. It’s gone viral to several social media sites already– that’s gonna be a hard one to explain! MOL!

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  3. Party while the Creature’s at school!


  4. Aw, Bailey, you lucky fellow getting warned when your humans are returning!! Get everything ship shape, my friend! I’m doing the same in my office this week. Maggie and Felix a big help with filing and sorting. Pat


  5. I have a busy week planned! I’m going shopping with my human, and making party preparations!


  6. Bailey, are you always so comfortable around humans! You seem to be enjoying yourself.


  7. You should definitely take it easy Bailey

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  8. Bailey My mum and I envy you! We have had Auntie Col’s (Mum’s DD) two hounds living with us since May last year (and it cramps my style) We envy you. Hopefully three weeks time it will be just Mum and I again. We can’t wait!
    Sam Wise


  9. The Swiss Cats says:

    We’re glad enjoyed your vacation ! Have a great week ! Purrs


  10. oh boy, the party’s over! Glad you had a nice time with Gery but I know you probably really did miss your humans. I’m going to be working to get the ice off the driveway.


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