My first Caturday as an Ambassador!

Happy Caturday furiends!

I’ve had a wonderful day playing with all of my new toys!

Box of toys!

My new Dinghy Devil furiend and I discussed what we thought his name should be…

You smell like fish!

…we decided on a VERY appropriate name! He shall now be known affectionately as Diablo! (Diablo means devil in Spanish!) We’re great furiends already!

Diablo and I

I’ve given my Museum of Maritime Pets ornament pride of place in our saloon!


I’ve got brand new Ambassador at Sea page!

I’m also quite proud of my mum today because she was named as a runner up in the Writer’s Bureau ‘Writer of the year 2015’! You can read about it here.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. That is soooooooooo cool!!! I think Diablo is a great name for that Duck too!

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  2. mariodacat says:

    Your new friend is adorable. You should have fun with him.

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  3. Congratulations to your mum!


  4. cindy long says:

    So glad you are having fun eith ur new toys and i have just read about ur mum’s progress with her writing, well done her, no wonder you are proud of her

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  5. Diablo is a fine name for a fine duck 🙂
    We like the gifts you got from the Museum of Maritime Pets .
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  6. spartacus2030 says:

    Cats crave attention! So if you love cats, you must be very at tentative… Diablo. LOL! Yes. They get into some real mischief as well. Siamese cats are notorious for that. I have a grey cat named: ‘Smokey’ and he follows me around all day meowing for pets… I sometimes claw my fingers down his back. He loves that! Most especially though, he loves whisker scratches. They all have a unique meow for everything they want and it is said that only there owner can recognize all the differences :O)

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  7. You are the ambassador of all cat Dom. Congratulations to your mom! Bringing your antics into my home every morning, brings my !mom and I such a good laugh. Thank you. Love Monty x

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  8. Dear Bailey, I knew you’d find a purrfect name for your new seagull buddy! Diablo is terrific. So glad you are furiends. Don’t knock that ornament over, or Diablo might change his mind….Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for a great first official week as Ambassador!! Pat

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  9. A BIG congratulations to both you and your human, Bailey for all your accomplishments! I’m so impressed with you!

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  10. That is a good name choice. Please visit us for a chance to win a stuffed Grumpy cat that could hang out with Diablo.

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  11. Great name for that new buddy of yours Bailey and congrats to your Mum for making it into the top 5 writers! Sensational.

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  12. We like the name Diablo, Bailey. And congrats to your mum.

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  13. The Swiss Cats says:

    You found a great name for your new buddy, Bailey ! Concatulations again, and have fun with your new toys and your new friend ! Purrs

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  14. Your Mum is pawsome.

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  15. Diablo’s name suits him perfectly

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  16. Apawss Apawss Bailey on beein an Ambassadur an on thee new toyss an Diablo!
    Mee iss sorry wee were not abull to vizit you more. The lappytop got berry sick an wee had no inntynetss fur a week an mee iss a pawfull to LadyMum an shee hass been pawly too.
    So wee wil do our best to bee here more offen.
    Yur humbull furendss Siddhartha an LadyMum x0x0x0

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  17. Love Diablo’s name! Concats to your Mom!!

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  18. congratulations to your Mum on her accomplishment – that’s great news. Glad that you are having fun with your new toys and that is quite an appropriate name you chose. Good job all around, Mr. Ambassador.

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  19. Well done to you mum Bailey and keep on enjoying your toys,xx SPeedy


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