Furbaby Friday!

Furiends I’m so happy to present my new cousin Blossom in this week’s Film on Friday!

Isn’t she the cutest?!

I’m also very grateful for my Christmas presents! Sharkie and Blue got a new lobster furiend! I’ve not decided on his name yet, we’ll have a chat about it when he gets to the boat. I was pleased my humans got a very appropriate calendar. I was also very lucky to receive a Santa toy and HALF of my mouse gift – Cassidy stole the other half!


Thank you Cornish cousins! I hope you all have a PAWESOME weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. thanks for sharing the video of Blossom. She is a cutie indeed but you are the handsomest of course. You got lots of fun presents, enjoy.


  2. Yes, Blossom is cute. You got some nice presents, I am glad Cassidy didn’t take them all 🙂


  3. what about Rhett for your new lobster friend?


  4. You have an adorable new cousin, Bailey.


  5. She is a pawesome sweetheart! Barks and licks and love, Dakota http://www.dakotasden.net


  6. The Swiss Cats says:

    Awww… Blossom is so cute ! We love your new lobster friend, and we’re looking forward to discovering his name ! Pawsome gifts ! Purrs


  7. Awww the first most adorable little Blossom that we saw in the New Year 🙂 Pawkisses for the New Year, dear Bailey 🙂 ❤


  8. Thank you for sharing the video of Blossom! She is lovely! You got nice presents, but I thought a new collar! Monty xx


  9. I agree with Gina, above! Have a good weekend, Bailey!


  10. Blossom is very sweet! And we love your new lobster friend.


  11. Bailey we are so glad that your new cousin is such a bundle of joy!!!! Hope you enjoy your Christmas gifts and new lobster friend!
    Have a great week-end!


  12. Bailey, the fabulous lobster needs a very special name! He is a great addition to the Sharkie and Blue family you are lucky to share besides your humans!! Pat


  13. Those are awesome gifts!


  14. Aw… ❤


  15. Typist still can’t get over Blossoms ears!


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