Christmas is Coming!

I’m so excited that Christmas is only a few days away furiends! I’ve smelt some delicious things coming onto the boat and I can’t wait to sample them! The humans are frantically trying to get all of their cards and presents delivered and I’m enjoying the relaxing glow of the Christmas lights on the boat!

My tree!

I think most of you have probably seen it but I thought I’d share my Christmas poem with you all again in a hope that it makes you smile! What are you up to? Are you all prepared and relaxing enjoying the festivities like me, or rushing around like my humans?

Whatever the case I hope you all enjoy this special week with your nearest and dearest.

Santa Paws is coming!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Merry Pigmas Bailey! Wishing you and your hoomans a wonderful one


  2. Merry Christmas Bailey to you and your humans, from my human mom Marlee and I Monty x
    All the way from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!


  3. Mom and I were alert so Christmas didn’t sneak up on us. We are relaxed and ready.

    Love and Merry Christmas,


  4. Oh wow You have a tree Don’t forget to enter my count down you still have time,xx Speedy


  5. Merry Kittymas Bailey


  6. This is probably the most un-festive house ever! So far, no decorations or tree. I am beginning to despair of us ever having Christmas this year.


  7. What a lovely tree and you look marvelous in the glow. Enjoyed the poem, you are handsome in all your outfits.


  8. Have a lovely holiday


  9. Dear Bailey, I am definitely rushing around, like most humans at this time of year. You do the relaxing, my buddy! My cats are in the holiday mood, but they do take time to relax on my behalf!! Pat


  10. Everything..including you…looks so festive, Bailey!


  11. Have a furry Merry Cwismus! Wooooowooooooooo!


  12. At my house we are relaxing and enjoying the festivities. You look so handsome in your Santa coat, Bailey.


  13. What a luvly tree Bailey!
    Siddhartha an *LadyMum*
    Pee S: Yur handsum too!


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