Food fantasies!

The start of a new week always makes me feel like anything is possible. I’m going to be getting the humans back very soon now and bribing them to give me the biggest feast of my life! I’ve enjoyed cat camp but I’ve really missed my treats and occasional tidbits! My favourite is chicken and the lid of a yogurt pot!

Is that food?

What foods do you fantasize about? Have a pawesome week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. mmm, yougurt! pizza is fabulous as is watermelon.


  2. I like certain cheese and small pieces of ham! Love Monty.
    Can hardly wait for your humans and return to Nocturne!


  3. My favorites are Delmonico steak, mashed potatoes and ANYTHING dark chocolate..candy, ice cream……..


  4. buffalo chicken and dark chocolate. Glad to hear that you’ll be headed home to your humans soon. I’m sure they’ve missed you and will be willing to “share” some treats with you.

    My girls like chicken, too.


  5. mitzithedog says:

    I fantasize about jumping on the table and eating the whole Christmas Turkey


  6. I don’t get enough treats even with my human around! I need to work on her.


  7. We love chicken too, Bailey!


  8. Oh, Bailey, You will be rewarded many times over when your humans come back. In the meantime….see what you can get up to at Cat Camp!! Pat


  9. Bailey I bet you can’t wait to have your Pawrents home! I LOVE tuna and chicken and eggs and treats and…..Yes MOM I am a little piggy and it is a good thing I am active…geeze!


  10. We don’t get regular cat treats but I love fried chicken and ice cream!


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