Caturday gift to my cousins!

Tomorrow the Gramps are leaving and flying back home to the UK. My mum is going to go with them because her mum has had quite a serious operation on her spine. She’s going to help out at home and help look after my cousins the three German Shepherds. Polly, Ria and Mabel.

Good dogs... siiiiit!

Good dogs… siiiiit!

The three cats, Lola, Nemo and Cassidy are much more intelligent and don’t need help, but I’ll allow my mum to give them the head rub I’ve had her purrfect.


Now, although of course dad and I will miss her, I’m actually very excited about guy time. I wonder how much mess we can make without her nagging us to be tidy! The possibilities are really endless! She’ll be gone about 10 days or so. Hopefully it will give me a chance to catch up on all of your comments and questions. I’m sorry, I’ve not been ignoring you all, I’ve just been such a busy bee.


I hope you get well soon Ruth! (Mum’s mum!)

Happy Caturday Furiends!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Guy time….sure….you mean, “Let’s mess the place up time”.


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  2. We also hope Ruth gets better soon. And you and your dad can have your guy time! Monty

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  3. We hope you grandma gets well too.Guy time huh?sounds Pawsome,xx Speedy

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  4. Hope your mum’s mum is better soon. So nice of your mum to go help out with those silly doggies. Enjoy your guy time.

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  5. So mum has gone to the dogs – traitor! Just kidding Bailey, I hope her mum feels better soon.

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  6. Hope your Gram is better soon. You and Dad have a great time being guys!

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  7. Have some fun guy time!

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  8. I’m sending lots of get-well purrs to your human’s mom, Bailey!

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  9. We wish Ruth a quick recovery, and Dad and you a lot of fun and great time ! Purrs

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  10. Enjoy your dad time, Bailey! We purr that Ruth is better soon.

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  11. Hello, Bailey, I want to hear about your “quality guy time” but you’d better behave properly so when your mom returns she will still LOVE YOU!!! Keep the boat ship-shape, please! Send pix of you guys doing cool stuff!! Pat

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  12. I hope Ruth mends at a good pace. Enjoy your guy time, but please don’t be messy. This will prove to your mum that she can help someone in need and return to a clean ship, and responsible guys.

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  13. Lucy and I send purr-ayers that Ruth gets better soon! Enjoy your “guy time” with your dad! 🙂

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  14. 10 days without mum…what could possibly go wrong!

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  15. We iz usin POTP on Miss Ruth n hopez she reecoverz soon!! Haz a safe trip Miss Louise too…
    MOL Bailey ya n yer Dad can haz so much fun….wink, wink!!!
    Polly n Ria n Mabel are beeuteefull poochiez….
    Much lub Nylablue n Mum too (what wantz a Shepherd like yer cuss-inz…)
    ❤ ❤ ❤


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