Flower power!

Mum got some beautiful flowers today…


I was innocently giving them the sniff test, for quality control purposes, when I got shouted at!


They’re poisonous to cats you see and when I pretended I wanted to eat them the humans freaked out! They are now out of my reach and I’ve heard they’ll be spending the night outside where I can’t sniff them! Silly humans obviously I wouldn’t make myself ill, they just smell funny!

Remember if you’ve not already bought raffle tickets to celebrate my birthday you can buy them here. They only cost £2.50 each and all the money goes to the RNLI Lizard lifeboat station. I’m so happy that together we’re getting close to my goal! For all the information and to see the PAWESOME prizes click here. The draw will be on the evening of my birthday…the day after tomorrow!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. very pretty!!


  2. The roses and gerbera daisies are safe for you to eat, Bailey! It’s only the lilies that are potentially fatal. Amy loves to eat flowers and I buy her safe flowers to eat. For a list of safe and toxic flowers and plants for cats, dogs and horses (separate lists), tell your mum to visit http://www.aspca.org. Not all flowers are listed but it’s a long list!


  3. Bailey I think you’re suffering from a little grass craving. if I could, I would send you some Oat grass for your birthday. Whenever my mom takes me for a walk outside, all I really want to do is sit on the lawn and munch away, so she found out that oat or wheat grass is much better for me. Now we have it in the house and on the boat and it’s all mine! =^..^=


  4. Beautiful! If you take the stamens out, they should be safe. You really are close to your total 😀


  5. Julia M says:

    You look so darling while being so cheeky! 😀


  6. kittiesblue says:

    Dear Brofur, Some of us love to eat flowers. Lisbeth is the worst. These that Mom Lou received are quite lovely. We bought three raffle tickets today. Really hope you reach your goal. Check out our post on Wednesday where you will be featured for your birthday. XO from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  7. My human loves flowers, but she only allows the non-poisonous ones in the house. Which is fine because that means she gets roses!


  8. Poisen flowers smell the best, but better you stay with the nip. Now, let’s wear a flower in our fur… Pawkisses 🙂


  9. Renal failure from ingesting lilies is no joke, Bailey…


  10. Yow Brofur Bailey ya gett in trubble too?? Me did dat in may when Aunti Mary brott flowerz fer Mum n me went up on table to sniff dem. Mum lost her tiny mind n scolded me n me waz so shocked…she iz purrty dramatick…
    Our Mumz are so funny 😉
    Much lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤


  11. I lost my little Melba to a lily just like that one. Flowers are no longer allowed in my home since Melba ate that smallest bit of lily…please be careful!


  12. msphoebecat says:

    My fur kids Clove and Kaspars eah purchased a ticket to celebrate your big day! Be careful of flowers little dude, be sure to ask the humans first if they are safe for you to investigate. Just a few short days until you are King of the Sea for your special birthday!


  13. Oh dear indeed some flowers are very deadly for kitties ..so best to beware of them Bailey 🙂 they are pretty though and lucky mum!! hugs Fozziemum xx


  14. Hoomans sumtimes get upset and excited way tu early, huh?! MOL Altho’ meez glad yous not gunna get sick fwum da flowers, they suwe awe purretty.

    Luv ya’



  15. They look so nice

    Tony Cornes



  16. Maybe next time you should be in charge of picking the flowers so you can only get ones that are the most tasty and you friendly!!

    The flowers are lovely thought, your mum is very lucky!!


  17. Flowers are beautiful but we DO have to be careful which ones we taste-test! Lilies are poisonous….some of the others are quite tasty though!!!!! Nice your Mom got flowers…were they from YOU???????

    Hugs, Sam


  18. No lilies, Bailey!!


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