Vaccinations on Caturday and recap on the raffle!

Happy Caturday furiends!

I hope you’re all having a pawesome day! Unfortunately there’s a big needle shaped cloud in my day! I’m off to the vets this afternoon for my vaccinations. Silly humans scheduling it for today! It will be my first visit to an Italian vet so paws crossed they’ll be nice to me.

If you’ve not already seen or entered, I’m running a raffle to celebrate my birthday on Wednesday! All the money raised will go to the RNLI Lizard lifeboat station. Raffle tickets are only £2.50 each and you can win a Critter’s Inflatable pet lifejacket in small or medium and there’s also FIVE copies of my new book up for grabs which I will purrsonally pawtograph. You can buy your raffle tickets here.

I’m currently 43% towards my target of £300. I’ve had some very generous donations on my page but not many raffle entries yet… You have a great chance of winning!

Please state in the comments on the donation page if you would like to be in with a chance of winning the lifejacket, a pawtographed copy of my book or both. The first ticket drawn that has expressed they would like the lifejacket will win it, all subsequent tickets will win a copy of my book.

I will assign all of you with raffle ticket numbers and entrust my humans to do the draw on my birthday. The draw will be conducted on the evening of my birthday, the 9th of July, we will film it and post it along with the names of the winners on the 10th of July.

*** However please note that your donation cannot claim gift aid.
When you donate you need to UNTICK a box that declares ‘I’m not donating on behalf of a group, company or someone else and I’m not getting a ticket, product or service in return for my donation.’

Also so I can email you if you win, please tick a box saying that it is OK for me to SEE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Bailey Boat Cat dinghy ride

Bisous, Bailey


  1. good luck with the vets today Bailey,xx Speedy


  2. OMC Bailey, meez will be finkin’ ’bout yous. Meez just had that a foo weeks ago. 😦 Giv da VET a swat. MOL

    Luv ya’



  3. You will have to let us know how these Italian vets are, Bailey!


  4. It’s good to keep up with your vaccs, especially for a boat cat that wants to travel so be nice to the vet, they’re only human. I think we’re too far away to enter your draw and while it’s definitely for a good cause, we have a few causes here we give to. Paw Paw for now =^..^=


    • Anyone, anywhere can enter but I completely understand that lots of people have already got great causes they support. This is just a fun way to celebrate my birthday and make my humans dig deep!


  5. Good luck at the Italian vet, B. If he does anything surprising, have your parents say, “Mama Mia!” He’ll get what you mean….

    Love and licks,


  6. Of course they’ll be good to you,Bailey, you’re the sweetest cat in town 🙂 Pawkisses for a Great Sunday 🙂


  7. Hope the vet went well today Bailey. Went and joined your Raffle. Happy Birthday early!
    Marty and Mom


  8. Hope it goes ok at the v word!!


  9. Yow as yer older Sisfur who bizitz da Vet ebery week me will say bee as calm as ya can. Do nott put up a fight n talk to da vet n dey will talk back! Me iz shure yer Mum will comfert ya too…it will bee bery quick n barelee hert…just like a moss-keeto bite…den ya wil bee dun n back on da road…..
    Me putz pawz together in purrayer fer ya little Brofur ❤
    Lub Nylablue x0x0


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