Cornish cousins

As you all know my mum is visiting her family in Cornwall, so I’ve been enjoying getting updates on all of my furry cousins! I must admit I did trick you a little yesterday, because I actually asked my cousin Cassidy to sleep in the same room with my human to make sure she didn’t get up to any mischief!

There are three felines that live on the old farm…


Cassidy obviously (he’s a Bengal and the most like me in terms of purrsonality!)


Glamour-puss Lola,


And the panther Nemo!

There are also three canines…


Polly, Ria and you can just about see Mabel at the back!

Obviously my German Shepard cousins wish they were feline….


… But unfortunately not everyone can be!

Mabel has a degenerative disease and is undergoing hydrotherapy treatment at the moment. She’s had a session today and I’m looking forward to sharing how it went with you all tomorrow because it’s very interesting. (She even wears a lifejacket!)

I hope you all have a pawesome week! The boys aboard Nocturne will, it’s very peaceful without a certain someone!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Pawsome furramily Bailey! Wooowoooooo, Ku


  2. Oh but I just bet you MISS that certain someone!!! Even getting to see photos of your cousins isn’t QUITE the same as having your Mom there………enjoy your boy time Bailey!

    Hugs, Sammy


  3. interested to hear about Mabel’s treatment. You have some fine looking cousins! At first, I thought you were referring to Cornish Hens!! MOL!


  4. You have a very cool Cornish family, Bailey!


  5. Such cute photos 🙂


  6. Great looking family, Bailey!


  7. Goodness, Nemo is gorgeous! We like the photo of Polly and Ria obviously worshipping him. There are five of us house panthers and we may need to get a few dogs to worship us! A friend is also taking her shepherd for hydrotherapy, basically floating around in the water with him to take the weight off his back for a while and build up the muscles in his hips. Hope it works for Mabel!


  8. Wow what gorgeous looking fur balls 🙂


  9. Shirley Street says:

    Beautiful family, Bailey!


  10. Aaaaaw they’s all gawjus.

    Luv ya’



  11. Sue Heyer says:

    Awww, your doggy cousins are gorgeous! And the feline ones too of course! Bet you miss mum but just won’t admit it! Just make sure you keep dad amused and make sure he doesn’t get up to mischief.


  12. Thanks for introducing us to your cousins, Bailey.


  13. So glad you’re having fun, B. And getting updates on the cousins is a definite plus!

    Love and licks,


  14. Glad you ‘bachelors’ are doing ok. Tell your Mom thanks for taking the pics so we could meet your cousins!


  15. You have a fine family, Bailey.


  16. Peaeful…um you mean boring and not as much fun right?!!


  17. Very interesting family there- But you’re the most handsome one of all!! *(trills)*


  18. Yer feelone cuzz-inz are gorgeeuss n da poochie cuzzinz are so beeuteeful…Mousiez me n Muma re in AAAWWW!!!
    Now we nose dat Cassidy iz okayz…dat waz a guud trick Bailey 😉
    Ya boyz beehave yerselvez….MOL…..
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0



  1. […] with my human’s parents in Cornwall in the UK. Most of you have seen them before in my post Cornish Cousins. I also told you all about how brave Mabel is with her hydrotherapy […]


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