Held hostage on Caturday!

Today is cleaning day here on Nocturne. We’ve been stripping the bed to wash the sheets. My human really makes a meal out of it, so of course I’ve been lending a paw to help.



The funny shape of the bed means my human likes to moan about how difficult it is to make it, but truth be told, it’s just that she’s useless. I’ve shown her many different solutions of how to manage the sheets and I think she’s slowly learning from me, that it isn’t such the fuss that she makes it out to be!





If you wonder why I’m looking up in so many of the photos, it’s because I’m trapped! Yes trapped! The hatch is only open enough to get some air but not enough for me to jump through…


Every Caturday and Sunday the humans hold me hostage inside! Quite frankly I think it’s scandalous! I’m only ever allowed outside when there’s one of them to supervise me (since I’ve been known to take a few unplanned dips). I enjoy hopping from boat to boat along my pontoon but apparently it’s too busy for me to do that at the weekend. The marina comes alive with lots of humans working on their boats and taking them out for day sails. My humans worry if I hop on someone’s boat and they don’t realise, that I’ll be shut in or taken out to sea on another boat. I think it’s just them being far too overprotective and lazy. I’m not impressed!


I hope (unlike me) you’re free as a bird this Caturday!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Great photos of you snoopervising the bed changing on the boat Bailey……I no longer attempt to do that with my Mom….she seems pretty competent in the bed-changing department and kindly leaves the pile of old sheets in a spot on the floor where I can curl up and enjoy them before they head to the washing machine!! Hope you get some decent deck time today even though it’s a weekend………..

    Hugs, Sammy


    • That’s nice that your mum lets you snuggle up in them, mine whisked them straight off to the washing machine! I’ve got my paws crossed for the deck time at dusk once most people have gone home! Bisous Bailey


  2. Have you ever been on a leash? That might solve the problem of you getting unwanted baths – or running on to other peoples’ boats. It should not be longer than half the width of the Nocturne.


    • That’s not very nice of you to suggest that, is it now? Hehe! Although if it means I’m allowed outside I guess it’s better. We tried a stretchy lead but I tangled myself up in it… Maybe a small sturdy one connected to a line somewhere along the centre of the boom would work. I’ll get my people on it and let you know how it goes! Thank you


      • I saw that on a cat from a friend. I would never suggest that for a cat that is living on the land – I think a cat should not be restricted like that – but with a water-bound one like you, it might be helpful …


  3. You cats are always getting into trouble, opening doors, getting accidentally shut into closets, supply cabinets, etc. If the door is closed, you must see what is on the other side! I have to do a head count every night…if not several times a day.


  4. patriciamcdade1949 says:

    love your photos im free as a bird.


  5. Bailey, your humans don’t want you going on an adventure without them! That’s because they would be lost without your supervision.


  6. B., I have to agree with the humans on this one. I worry about you becoming a stowaway on a strange boat. That would be awful, ….but would be an amazing sequel to your book.

    Love and licks,


  7. Bailey, where’s your collar?


  8. Yow Brofur Bailey ya can neber bee too carefull…yer Pawentz lub ya so much n if sumfing happened to ya dey wuud be heart broken fer shure! Iz bettur to bee safe beelow deck den sailin out to Bermuda Try-angle or where da Pie-ratz are…
    Den again maybee dey want cheep kitteh labur n nose ya will fix da bed sheetz while dey iz gone 😉
    Me waz out in Condo all day n came in a while ago…see eben me haz to bee safe in me Condo…
    Much lub frum me Nylablue ❤ n Mum too ❤


  9. Don’t be too critical of the hoomuns – one of the boats you hop onto might be on its way to South America or something!


  10. OMC Bailey yous lookin’ so handsum in yous fotos. Meez finks yous hoomans awe duin’ da wight fing. What wuld dey du ifin yous did get taken out tu sea and nevew came back?? Meez wuld miss yous. Meez knows fuw suwe yous hoomans wuld.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



  11. Oh not much Fun being trapped Bailey,but I guess they want to keep you safe,xx Speedy


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