Furtabulous Friday leads us into our last weekend in France!

Today’s been a lovely productive day and that makes my humans happy and in turn I’m also happy! My mum’s been whinging that nothing is easy in France with all the paperwork that she’s been having to sort out before we leave. I don’t think she’s being very nice when she says that, especially since I’m French! Luckily I know she loves me and most things Frenchy! I think most of the BIG stuff is sorted out now it’s just minor details like packing our lives into the car that’s left to do!

I’m so grateful for all of the lovely words of encouragement that you’ve all given me over the cumbersome collar. I’m still not a convert but I’ll try my best to stop letting it irritate me so much and scratching and biting the end of it until I get told off!

I’m hoping we can fit in a last trip to the beach here if the weather’s nice tomorrow morning!


I hope you all have a pawesome weekend!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Ho ho ho, we know all about French bureaucracy! Well done indeed if the major bits are sorted. Have a chill weekend.


  2. Maintenant, vous devez apprendre un peu d’italien!


  3. Happy weekend, Bailey!


  4. Getting ready to say, ‘Adieu, mon pays natal!’


  5. So very exciting Bailey…..enjoy your last weekend there….just think – Nocturne is probably as excited as YOU are to see you again!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


  6. Such a beautiful photo of you Bailey!


  7. Shirley Street says:

    I’m so happy for you, Bailey!


  8. Oh you look so handsome, Bailey!! Maybe it would help if you had a lovely American tortie to keep you company for the trip?



  9. Oh you look so handsome, Bailey!! Maybe it would help if you had a lovely American tortie to keep you company for the trip?



  10. Paws crossed for good weather and a beach trip, Bailey!


  11. Bailey I am sure a lovely day in the sun and the thought of smooth sailing will take your mind of your new ‘suit’ ….best be safe my sweet hugs Fozziemum xxx


  12. Yow Baiely me Brofur me haz bin away frum puter n missed a bazillion of yer bloggiez…
    Pleeze fergive me n Mum. Dere haz bin alot of to-do here n Mum nott bin well either. ..however me iz here tonite n gonna reed all da bloggiez we missed n commint!!!
    Now diz coller ya haz matchez yer blue eyez so try nott to bee angree at it…ya lookz so saphistikated wif it on!!
    We hopez ya made it to da beech one more time too!! Ya iz so amazin!
    Much lub frum yer old Sisfur Nylableu =^,,^=
    Pee ess: me did Nylableu on purrpose 😉


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