Mouse attack!

I’ve had a great day today! I’ve got a new mouse and I’ve been jumping for joy!


I think I can safely say I killed the last mouse…


Even though it was pretty disgusting I still carried it around the flat in the hope the human would take the hint and get me a new one! It worked and honestly I couldn’t be happier, the new mouse even has a tail!







I love dropping it in my water bowl and then flicking it around the place! It’s great exercise and a fun way to stay on top form for my mousing duties on the boat! What’s your favourite toy at the moment?

Bisous Bailey


  1. Kitty Cat Chronicles says:

    Wow, great photos! We love mousies too, but we especially like crinkly balls. Have fun with your mousie, Bailey!


  2. We thought maybe you had a real mousey like we did a couple of weeks ago. Do you get real ones on Nocturne? Are there ocean mice? Glad you got a replacement for that “ratty” old mouse. Sure looks like you are having lots of fun. XO from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  3. Our kitties attacked two real live mousies at the house we just moved from. They have toy mousies but prefer live ones. I hope that there won’t be any live mousies here at our new home!


  4. mitzithedog says:

    We could sure use your mouse talents around here. We have a barn that the mice are always trying to use to keep warm


  5. Great fun shots. The dogs really like the cat toys, the cats like them too. Mostly catnip anything.


  6. Looks like you’re having some fun! My favorite toy at the moment (don’t laugh) is my toothbrush. I have a “baby toothbrush” Mom bought when I was little and lately I’m finding it to be great fun as a toy.

    Hugs, Sam


  7. Sue Heyer says:

    Great fun, Bailey, helps to pass the time in the empty flat. Our Peggie cat brought home a real mouse this morning, luckily it was already dead!


  8. digitalgranny says:



  9. Bailey, my house sister Ziva and I like dangling things best, but that means the human has to play with us. I prefer a mouse similar to yours when mom is at work. I do the same thing…chew it until it dies and then throw it in the water bowl. Luv, Gibbs.


  10. Bailey you did a great job of making that first mouse dead! We all know MY favorite toy is DA BIRD!!!!!!


  11. Good job, Bailey!


  12. msphoebecat says:

    Bailey you are a masterful hunter, so agile and smooth. Pawesome!!


  13. look at you go!!!


  14. Ya shure did DEAD da other mousie…MOL!
    Yer new mousie lookz grrreat….
    Me haz 3 mousiez: one pink; one tan wif a brown feever tail n me grey mousie what squeekz…butt me fave toy iz me peecock feeverz n me green tinkle ball….
    Eben tho me iz a bit ‘long in da tooth’ m estill haz guud dayz when me lubz to play toyz….
    Lub frum yer older Sisfur, Nylablue =^,,^=


  15. Good fur you!! *(trills)*


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