A huge paws up for Harringtons Pet Food!

Remember I told you my furiend Basil from Harringtons had sent me a parcel? Well it arrived yesterday in a box! I was so excited!




I couldn’t wait to unpack it!



Basil kindly sent me a 2kg bag of natural wholesome chicken and rice food to try! This is to celebrate that it is now available in France! He also included five 425g bags for my French furiends to try too! Pawesome huh?! While my human set up the bags ready for a photo I supervised from the comfort of my new box.


When I was ready for dinner to be served she was too slow so I helped myself!



Once it was in my bowl though there was no stopping me… It’s delicious! I usually have an annoying endearing habit of shaking my food and spitting it everywhere but not one morsel of this tasty food ended up on the floor!



The best thing about Harringtons chicken and rice cat food is not only is it scrummy, but it’s natural with lots of goodness inside. They include lots of vitamins and other healthy things such as taurine, omega 3, a prebiotic, cranberry and yucca! All of of it adds together to make a very happy and healthy cat!

The only thing I found was the 2kg bag appeared to be slightly difficult to open and my human ripped it, but let’s be honest, that’s probably just her fault for being incompetent! The smaller bags that my furiends are going to test have a very handy zip lock. I’ll be delivering it to them over the next two or three days and I’ll be sure to let you know what they think.

I’d just like to clarify that I did not get paid to write this review. The food was a very kind gift from my good pal Basil and all the views and opinions are my own. I’d definitely recommend that, if you haven’t already, you try a bag of Harringtons pet food, they also cater for dogs of course!

Happy Caturday evfurryone!

Bisous Bailey


  1. You are a very skilled liar, but of course you are paid – with food and a new card board box!


  2. You lucky lucky thing Bailey!


  3. Paws up, Bailey! How awesome that you got to do a taste test!


  4. how cool you got to taste Basil’s cat food!! We luvluvluv Basil and wish his food could be made available here in the USA…it sounds delish!


  5. I wouldn’t mind some of that, myself! Not sure Mac would approve of the rice. If he didn’t he would pointedly bury it, just to make the point quite clear.


  6. Well I must say Bailey any food that comes with a built in box is to die for!! looks delish..Marbles is peering over my shoulder but I don’t know if it is the noms or you she is looking at bwahahahah 🙂 Basil sure is a lovely furriend indeed and it looks like the noms were a hit!! hugs Fozziemum xxx


  7. Ooooooo looks like you really enjoyed that, but whee would probably enjoy playing with the box more! Hehehe

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


  8. Wow a fab review pal, thank you so so much!! Glad it proved popular!!


  9. Great review! Looks like he really enjoyed himself! He was very impressed by the box as well!



  1. […] pal Basil sent me some of his cat food to try? I told you all about how much I loved it in my post Paws up for Harringtons pet food Well I gave the sample bags, that he kindly sent me, to some of my French furiends. I’m sure […]


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