Thank you Donna!

I’m so excited! It’s really not long until I’ll be living on my beautiful boat.


Of course there’s things that I will miss here though…My mum has flit off to London for work for a couple of days, so I’m happily relaxing and enjoying some last moments of peace in the flat before the chaos starts again on Thursday evening! My furriend Donna and her little girl Méliana come to look after me when she’s away and it’s our last few days together enjoying all the extra treats that they always give me! I would like to publicly thank them for always being available and for looking after me so well. They are true furiends and I can’t wait to welcome them and Méliana’s daddy down to the boat soon. It will be pawesome!

Aren’t they some of the cutest humans you’ve ever seen?


Bisous Bailey


  1. Oh they ARE beautiful and look sooo sweet! How blessed you ARE!


  2. smseattle says:

    Bailey, you are so sweet. Thank you for introducing us to Miss Donna and Miss Meliana. I’m glad you have such good friends.


  3. digitalgranny says:

    yes they are beautiful people and so nice that they are keeping you company til your Mommy and daddy get back.


  4. Donna and Méliana do look like really nice cat sitters! Maybe they will come visit you on the boat after you have moved?


  5. They are adorable! But…(how do I say this)?…..uh, I don’t mean to alarm you, but there’s a CREATURE!!


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