As happy as… Well, a cat in a box!

Thank you dear furiends for being so supportive. I’m actually doing really well, I’m not bothered by all the changes because as you all know I’m fearless. Plus the fact that at the end of these strange couple of weeks we’ll be living on Nocturne! All the boxes and mess is turning out to be lots of fun. We’ve been trying to sell some things (because as some of you have noticed-we have FAR too much stuff to fit on the boat) so there’s been a couple of funny humans in the flat. I’ve found it’s the purrfect opportunity to show off make new furiends.





I’m so sorry I’ve not been visiting you all and replying as much as usual, mum’s still working and so I’m extra extra busy making sure she doesn’t forget anything. Honestly looking after humans is a full time job!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Do make sure purchasers don’t go away with something extra!


  2. You don’t have time to post much, but hopefully you’ll be posting lots of good on board pictures once you’re all moved and settle in. All three of you take care, and take time to breathe.


  3. I am looking forward to your move almost as much as you are, Bailey!


  4. good to see they’re packing you as well Bailey


  5. “because as you all know, I’m fearless” = adorable!


  6. digitalgranny says:

    looking good in that box Bailey and as you said soon you will be on your Nocturne.


  7. Looks like you’re doing a fab job!


  8. There’s nothing like a box. Tell your Mom to make sure she has one on the boat for you to play or nap in.


  9. What a great box. There is nothing like a box to make efurrything all right!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


  10. What a fun box, Bailey! Just make sure they don’t tape it up with you inside!


  11. It’s OK Bailey, you are very busy right now. Hope to see your photos on the boat soon!


  12. Well Bailey my friend one UP side of moving house is all those boxes that are around! You have lots of them I’m sure. I too am anxious to hear that the move is over with and you’re permanently “installed” on board Nocturne!

    Hugs, Sammy


  13. Look Mum it’z a “Bailey In Da Box!!” 🙂
    Yow ya are so handsum in yer box n snoopervizin IZ a full time job fer shure!!
    We iz glad ya iz feerless n enjoyin da process…Mum sayz most Meezerz are bery nervuss of change! Me nose me wuud be now butt den me iz an older gurl now 😉
    Much lub frum yer Sisfur Nylablue =^..^=


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