Speaking out for sharks

I’m really sad at the moment. There are some humans that are, in my whiskery opinion, making a grave mistake. They’re killing sharks! I’m horrified by this. It’s especially worrying since many of the majestic ‘kings of the ocean’ are already endangered. Some more intelligent humans are rallying this weekend to fight for the rights of the sharks.


To all my Aussie furiends if you get the opportunity to go, I’m sure the rallies are going to be pawesome events. Remember:


If you would like more information on what’s happening there’s lots of articles that are following the events. I like this one which explains why sharks are essential for the worlds health. I also really liked this video that shows shark attack victims standing up for the sharks and speaking out against the cull.

I hope something positive comes from the rallies.

Bisous Bailey


  1. wow…poor lill hero – be shure, sharks like all kinds of cats just for brekkies…plzzz escape, if you can….:-)))


  2. We’ve been horrified by this story. All the conservation groups are doing their best to fight this decision. Do hope the protests work!


  3. I know. Being an Aussie cat it is embarrassing. If humans go into the sharks territory, then they take the risk of being injured. My mum feels the same. I just hope the people in power wake up and smell the roses before it is too late. My mum was going to one of the protests, but as it is getting to 41C here today she said it will be getting too hot. But she is lodging her protest online.


    • Sam I know that the majority of Aussies are very against this awful mess… as usual it’s a few humans who’ve had the power entrusted in them mess with their heads. Paws crossed the rallies help and make a difference.


  4. I am a country dog and around here it’s hunys to kill the overpopulation of deer. Humans encroach on the deer’s homeland and build all around them and then get upset because they cause car accidents and eat the stuff humans plant in their yards. Then, of course there are the regular hunting reasons, We post no hunting on our [property so they have a place to live.


  5. Humans are so self-centered – they think they know best. And so often they don’t. 😦


  6. Well said Bailey


  7. Our little hooman is quite frightened of sharks but he says that even he wouldn’t want the sharks killed. They have a right to be there. He is eleven and he gets it, when will the other hoomans?

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


  8. No, actually you can see the logic in it. They should just go a bit further, though. There is water in the ocean. People drown in that. Therefore, it would be a good idea to drain the ocean. That would sort out the shark problem, too.


  9. As an Aussie and a lover of our oceans I have been signing petitions too Bailey…what a disgrace already huge protests have been made and the consensus is that the decision to kill sharks is appalling. In my opinion if you enter an animals home then you play by their rules..i have never heard of a shark attacking someone in a carpark and stealing their wallet..because they live in their ocean and don’t enter our world..i cannot get to a rally in Vic as we are too far inland and the heat makes it unsafe to leave the house and animals..but we still sign the petitions…disgusting affair the whole thing. Hugs Fozziemum xx


  10. We putz da pawz together n purrayz deze ralliez help da sharkiez live!!! Long live Sharkiez…pleeze…we need dem in da oceanz 😉
    Lub Nylablue xxx


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